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Slovak Nomination for the Oscars is Let There Be Light

The Slovak nomination for the Best International Feature Film Award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), also known as the Oscar, is Let There Be Light by Marko Škop.

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The submission for the Oscars International Feature Film Category is based on the voting of the members of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. SFTA members have chosen Škop‘s feature from the following films which met the AMPAS conditions:

Spirit of Jaguar (d. Pavol Barabáš)
The Band (d. Ladislav Kaboš)
By a Sharp Knife (d. Teodor Kuhn)
Punk Never Ends! (d. Juraj Šlauka)
The Monument (d. Andrej Kolenčík)
The Siege (d. Zuzana Piussi)
Loli Paradicka (d. Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky)
Who’s Next? (d. Miro Drobný)
Afrika na Pionieri (d. Marek Slobodník)
Never Happened (d. Barbora Berezňáková)
Let There Be Light (d. Marko Škop)

Milan (40), a posted worker in Germany, returns to his village in Slovakia for Christmas where his wife and three children are waiting for him. He discovers that his eldest son has become involved with a para-military youth group, suspected of bullying one of his classmates and leading to his death. In order to uncover the truth, Milan must call into question the deep-rooted traditions of his faith and village.

Let There Be Light was premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF 2019 where Milan Ondrík won the Best Actor Award for the leading role and the film also received Special Mention from the Ecumenical Jury.

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published: 12.09.2019
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