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Slovak National Nominations for the Oscars announced

The Slovak nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts (AMPAS), also known as Oscar, is A Step into the Dark (orig. Krok do tmy) by Miloslav Luther.

The submission for the Oscars Foreign Language Category is based on the voting of the members of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. SFTA members have chosen Luther´s film from the films which fulfilled the AMPAS conditions, as follows:

Velvet Terrorists (directors: P. Pekarčík, I. Ostrochovský, P. Kerekes)
The Candidate (director: J. Karásek)
 Indian Summer (director: G. Dezorz)
All My Children (director: L. Kaboš)
Arcibishop Bezák. Adieu (director: O. Záblacká)
Square in a Cirle or Life between Escapes and Dreams (director: Ľ. Štecko)
The Edge - 4 films about Marek Brezovský (director: P. Lančarič)
Felvidek: Caught in Between (director: V. Plančíková)
Slovakia 2.0 (directors: J. Herz, M. Šulík, P. Kerekes, Z. Liová, M. Suchý, O. Rudavský, P. Krištúfek, V. Čákanyová, M. Jelok, I. Grófová)
danubeStory I. – II. (directors: J. Čavojská, V. Kampf)
A Step into the Dark (director: M. Luther)
First Slovak Horror (director: R. Slovák)
38 (directosr: D. Dangl, L. Zednikovič)
In Silence (director: Z. Jiráský)

In addition, A Step into the Dark is also the SFTA´s national submission for this year´s EFA Awards (for more: see link below).

Participation of Slovak films and SFTA in the Oscars Foreign Language Category selection process is supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

A STEP INTO THE DARK (Krok do tmy) 
SK / 2014 / 120min. / fiction 
A historical drama about a young doctor who cannot cope with his bloody past. During the war he had to pass a cruel sentence. A few years later, he refuses to take a career opportunity and succumbs to passion in an extramarital relationship. Hist steps lead to unexpected consequences.
Director:   Miloslav Luther
Cast:   Marko Igonda, Monika Haasová, Kristýna Lišková-Boková, Attila Mokos, Miroslav Donutil
Production:   TRIGON PRODUCTION (SK), Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (SK)
Slovak premiere   12. 6. 2014 
International premiere:   Montreal World Film Festival 2014
Producer:   TRIGON PRODUCTION / Patrik Pašš
Festivals & Sale:   Iveta Pospíšilová
+421 917 231 374
  Miloslav Luther has graduated from feature film directing at FAMU Prague. He has directed numerous films, TV series and dramas, which have been awarded on an international as well as national level, e.g.: Prix Europe Berlin, Critics‘ prize for Best Directing ITF Shanghai, Silver Nymph and award for Directing Cino del Duca at the ITF Monte Carlo, International Jury Award at the IFF Karlovy Vary and others.
He is a chairman of the board of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

Filmography:   2009: Mosquitoe's Tango
2002: Escape to Buda
1993: Angel of Mercy
1991: Try to Embrace Me
1990: Witness of the Dying Time
1989: A Path across Danube
1988: Bit Part
1986: Mahuliena, the Golden Maid
1985: Forget Mozart
1984: King Blackbird

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published: 22.09.2014
updated: 26.09.2014