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Gypsy became the Slovak National Nomination for Oscar 2012 in the Best Foreign Language Film category

The Slovak Film and Television Academy decided to nominate the film Gypsy by Martin Šulík as the Slovak entry for the Best Foreign Language Film of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Awards, also known as the Oscars.

SFTA members selected the film from among 7 titles eligible for the nomination according to the criteria of the AMPAS - a feature-length film, with a public premiere between October 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011, theatrically distributed, the submitting coutry having the predominant number of authors and the original language being other than English:

Time of Grimaces (dir. Peter Dimitrov)
Massacre of Devínska (dir.Gejza Dezorz, Jozef Pálenik)
Apricot Island (dir. Peter Bebjak)
Gypsy (dir. Martin Šulík)
Little Mad Robinson (dir. Tina Diosi)
The Corpse Must Die (dir. Jozef Paštéka)
The House (dir. Zuzana Liová)

Gypsy placed on the first place receiving 53 % of the votes, 33 % members voted for The House and Apricot Island received 8 % of the votes.


SK, CZ - 2011 - 35 mm - 107 min. - fiction   
short synopsis  

Gypsy is the story of Adam, a boy who, after the death of his father, struggles to cross the boundaries of his settlement and tries to change his siblings’ lives. He finds himself in a conflict with racial, social, and cultural prejudice and the unwritten laws of his own Roma community.


Martin Šulík


Janko Mižigár, Martin Hangurbadžo, Miro Gulyas, Miroslava Jarábeková, Ivan Mirga, Attila Mokos


Titanic (SK), Infilm Praha (CZ), Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (SK), Česká televize (CZ)

world premiere  

Karlovy Vary IFF 2011 - 4 awards


Toronto IFF 2011 
BFI London Film Festival 2011

domestic distribution premiere  

July 14, 2011


Rudolf Biermann
IN Film Praha
+420 222 515 357

festival manager  

Marta Lamperová
+420 739 592 040


Martin ŠULÍK



Actor, scriptwriter and director. His film The Garden was awarded with five Czech Lions, awards of Slovak and Czech film critics, awards at KarlovyVary IFF and was successful at various festivals worldwide. His film Landscape was the national nomination for the Academy Award selection for Best Foreign Language Film. The City of the Sun was awarded with six Slovak national awards The Sun in a Net. He also directed several successful documentary films. He teaches at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava.

Interview with the director Martin Šulík


2011: Gypsy (fiction)
2010: 25 from the Sixties or The Czechoslovak New Wave (documentary)
2007: Martin Slivka – The Man Who Planted Trees (documentary)
2005: The City of the Sun (fiction)
2000: Landscape (fiction)
1999: Prague Stories (fiction – 1 episode)
1997: Orbis Pictus (fiction)
1995: The Garden (fiction)
1992: Everything I Love (fiction)
1991: Tenderness (fiction)

Nomination of this film was finacially supported by The Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

The Czech Film and Television Academy voted for the co-production film by Tomáš Luňák Alois Nebel, premiered Out of Competition at Venice IFF.

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