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  Retrospective of Viktor Kubal in Sitges and The Case of Barnabáš Kos in Lyon
Digitally restored films from the National Film Archive collection of Slovak Film Institute (SFI) are heading to prestigious film festivals. Retrospective of Viktor Kubal will present in Spanish premiere the works of Slovak director, animator and artist at 51st Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (October 4 – 14, 2018) while The Case of Barnabáš Kos by Peter Solan will be screened in world premiere at Lumière Festival (October 13 – 21, 2018) in Lyon.
  Slovak Films are Heading to Moscow
Slovak Film Days in Moscow (September 27 – October 3, 2018), the showcase of contemporary Slovak cinema will present seven feature films in seven days. Russian audience of cinema Fitil club will welcome recognized films by Hřebejk, Iveta Grófová, Marko Škop, Rasťo Boroš, Andrea Sedláčková, and Peter Bebjak.
  Chinese Film Festival at Lumière Cinema
Chinese Film Festival (September 20 – 23, 2018) will present contemporary Chinese cinema at Lumière Cinema in Bratislava. The selection of seven films reflects the wide range of genres and the actual social issues of the country as well.
  6th Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia
This year the 6th Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia embraces the theme of “Spring” – the symbol of a fresh start – and commemorates several notable Czech and Slovak anniversaries. The most significant of these are undoubtedly the centenary of The Czechoslovakia independent declaration and a half century since the Prague Spring, a short period of political liberalisation in Czechoslovakia. On this special occasion, festival will bring a film programme that reflects history of the former country, successful contemporary cinema and the short documentaries to the audience of Melbourne (September 12 – 26, 2018) and Canberra (October 18 – 21, 2018).
  Slovak films at Cinematik 2018
Spa town Piešťany will welcome International Film Festival Cinematik (September 11 – 16, 2018) for the 13th time! Every year, Cinematik picks one country of focus to introduce its films and filmmakers. This edition will be exploring the cinema of Norway, although many Slovak and co-production films will be presented as well. In the House and Cinematik.doc sections will screen 22 titles.
  Czecho-Slovak film century in Madrid
Filmoteca Española will celebrate the centenary of former Czechoslovakia. On this special occasion, Cine Doré, one of the oldest cinemas in Spain will introduce film showcase Czechoslovak century (November 6 – 29, 2018).
  Second Run will release The Miraculous Virgin on Blu-ray and DVD
Second Run, a UK-based DVD company specializing in the release of important and award-winning films from all around the world, will release Slovak film The Miraculous Virgin (d. Štefan Uher, 1966). The film adaptation of Dominik Tatarka’s novel was already released by French company Malavida.
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