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Partnership with Cineuropa

The Slovak Film Institute collaborates with Cineuropa on regular and comprehensive news servise about the Slovak audiovisual industry. In 2018, the partnership is enforced and supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

Cineuropa is an online information portal that promotes cinema and culture worldwide. The website is updated daily in four languages (English, French, Italian, and Spanish) and is designed for both industry professionals and wider audiences.

Cineuropa has implemented several collaborations with film festivals, cultural institutions, film funds, and training programmes. The website has also extended its range of coverage, producing several analyses on the state of culture in Europe and worldwide. Cineuropa collaborates regularly with Culture Action Europe and the Forum d’Avignon, two think tanks dedicated to cultural and creative industries and their dialogue with the economy.

Cineuropa offers a wide selection of content including special reports, country focuses, "making of" profiles, film and company databases, script analysis, and online training courses. Cineuropa’s main products are news articles and interviews. Thanks to an ample network of journalists based in all European countries, as well as an extensive group of non-European correspondents, Cineuropa is the leading source of information for European culture. A trusted source for breaking news, Cineuropa has managed to build a faithful and enthusiastic audience of cultural professionals, film professionals, and film enthusiasts based all over the world.

Slovak Section on Cineuropa was financially supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund.

updated: 18.07.2018