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Slovak National Nomination for the Oscars is Eva Nová

The Slovak nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Award of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), also known as the Oscar, is Eva Nová by Marko Škop.

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The submission for the Oscars Foreign Language Category is based on the voting of the members of the Slovak Film and Television Academy. SFTA members have chosen Škop´s fiction feature debut from the following films which met the AMPAS conditions:

Wilson City (T. Mašín)
Anton Srholec (A. Čermáková)
The Cleaner (P. Bebjak)
Waiting Room (P. Korec)
Eva Nová (M. Škop)
Vojtech (V. Csudai)
The Red Captain (M. Kollár)
Agave (O. Šulaj)
Stanko (R. Boroš)
Steam on the River (R. Kirchhoff, F. Remunda)
Okhwan´s Mission Impossible (M. Mackovič)
When Land Is Looking for Its Heaven (E. Praus)
The Teacher (J. Hřebejk)
Freedom Under Load (P. Barabáš).

Eva Nová tells the story of former film star, now a recovered alcoholic, who would do anything to regain the love of the one she hurt the most – her son.

The film was premiered at Toronto IFF 2015 where it received FIPRESCI Award and has also been nominated by the Slovak Film and Television Academy for this year´s EFA Awards.

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