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Multiple premieres of Slovak films at IFF Cinematik

17th edition of International Film Festival Cinematik (September 13 – 18, 2022) in spa town of Piešťany will showcase more than two dozens of Slovak films, multiple of them in premiere.

Cinematik.doc, one of two festival’s competitions, is dedicated to Slovak documentaries. 11 films are up for the awards including five films the audience will have a chance to see for the first time: Countdown – The Last Film of Ivan Palúch (d. Martin Palúch), Free (d. Slavomír Zrebný), Roughly, Softly (d. Ľubomír Štecko), and Trančík (d. Erik Praus). Selection also includes The Cathedral (d. Denis Dobrovoda), Dežo Hoffmann – Photographer of The Beatles (d. Patrik Lančarič), Dhaulagiri Is My Everest (d. Pavol Barabáš), Light at the End of the Day (d. Alena Čermáková), Ordeal (d. Zuzana Piussi), Sheep (d. Peter Pavlík), and Woman of the New Age (d. Anna Grusková).

Non-competitive section In the House is highlighted by world premiere of The Ballad of Piargy by Ivan Trajkov and Slovak premieres of three films that were successfully presented at international festivals this summer: The Nightsiren (d. Tereza Nvotová), Victim (d. Michal Blaško), and The Word (d. Beata Parkanová). The festival will also show Absence (d. Ali Mosaffa), Arved (d. Vojtěch Mašek), Housing Against Everyone (d. Tomáš Hlaváček) a Welcome Home! (d. Peter Serge Butko). Among the short films are No Elements (d. Barbara Vojtašáková), Revelation of John (d. Andrej Kolenčík), Liquid Bread (d. Alica Bednáriková), r a u u (d. Zlata Golecová), memoria (d. Peter Podolský), In Shallow Water (d. Marek Moučka), Summer of Life (d. Marek Celec), At the Beginning of the End (d. Rebeka Bizubová) a After the Wedding (r. Matej Kľúčik).

Other sections of the festival include Beanie (d. Slobodan Maksimović) and We Have to Survive: Fukushima! (d. Tomáš Krupa) and presentation of new TV series My Emigrant and ŠtB: Top Secret. In partnership with project Azyl, the festival will screen programme of shorts Best of Azyl 2021 and short films created during the workshop Young Film Talents of the Workshop Azyl 2022.


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published: 12.09.2022
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