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Cinematik IFF 2021 will open with the Slovak premiere of 107 Mothers

The 16th edition of the Cinematik International Film Festival (14 – 19 September 2021) will focus on Hungarian cinema, and offer a a rich Slovak line-up. The Cinematik.doc competition section will feature the latest Slovak documentaries, the In the House section will present a selection of features and shorts, and classic films will commemorate an important anniversary of Slovak cinema.

The festival will open with the Slovak premiere of 107 Mothers (d. Peter Kerekes), which was world premiered just a few days ago at the prestigious Venice Film Festival. The In the House section will bring more fresh films. The documentaries Reconstruction of the Occupation (d. Jan Šikl), Every Single Minute (d. Erika Hníková) and the feature debut Wild Roots (d. Hajni Kis) have had their world premiere at Karlovy Vary. The feature films The Auschwitz Report (d. Peter Bebjak) and Emma in Love (d. Jan Prušinovský) will be presented in distribution pre-premieres. Among animated films, My Sunny Maad (d. Michaela Pavlátová) and the short Love, Dad (d. Diana Cam Van Nguyen) will be presented. The section will be also presenting films with earlier years of production, like The Impossible Voyage (d. Noro Držiak) and Forebodings (d. Vjačeslav Kryštofovyč). The selection of short films Unguided Tour will include Greetings from Nigeria (d. Peter Hoferica), About Freedom [not] (d. Paula Reiselová), Journey (d. Marek Jasaň), Yours (d. Pavol Čižmár), Rheum (d. Kateřina Hroníková) and Fragment 0 (d. Michal Žilinský). The short film Remedy (d. Jakub Šipoš) is also awaiting release.

Eight Slovak documentary films will compete for the Cinematik.doc Literary Fund Award: White on White (d. Viera Čákanyová), Unseen (d. Maia Martiniak), At Full Throttle (d. Miro Remo), Architect of Brutal Poetry (d. Ladislav Kaboš), Flying Dutchman Lubomir Feldek (d. Marek Janičík), The Sailor (d. Lucia Kašová), On Your Marks! (d. Mária Pinčíková) and The Commune (d. Jakub Julény).

On the occasion of the centenary of Slovak cinema, the festival will also screen two Slovak classic films directed by Martin Hollý: Signum Laudis in a double bill with Paths of Glory (d. Stanley Kubrick) and Night Riders in a double bill with The Wild Bunch (d. Sam Peckinpah).


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published: 10.09.2021
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