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New Slovak documentaries compete at the 14th Cinematik

International Film Festival Cinematik (September 10 – 15, 2019) will explore the cinema of Portugal, although many Slovak films will be presented as well. Non-competitive section In the House dedicated to Slovak cinema will present a selection of new feature-length and short films. Slovak documentaries that premiered during the period of one year before the festival will compete within Cinematik.doc.

Nine documentaries will vie for the Literary Fund Cinematik.doc Award. Festival-experienced The Good Death (d. Tomáš Krupa) will compete against recently or soon to be cinema released documentaries. BATAstories (d. Peter Kerekes) depicts modern global capitalism and its Czechoslovak pioneer, Tereza – The Charge of Love (d. Peter Gašparík) translator and interpreter Tereza Gašparíková and Svetozár Stračina (d. Pavol Barabáš) a life of an extraordinary composer and folk music collector. Young Roma men who were once adopted by Swedish families return to Slovakia as adults in the film Swedes from the Slum (d. Katarína Farkašová) to get to know their biological parents. Two Slovak paramedics from the film Lost Home (d. Juraj Mravec Jr.) leave their families in order to help the Iraqi army and liberate the city of Mosul from the so-called Islamic State. The Calling (d. Erik Praus) shows the fates of three monks who found peace and life fulfillment in the Ukrainian monastery. The documentary film from the original production of TV Markíza Jan and Martina returns to the tragic event that changed social and political life in Slovakia a year ago—the murder of investigative journalist and his fiancée. The festival will also present the world premiere of Barbora Berezňáková's feature debut Never Happened about politically motivated events of the 1990s.

Cinematik will feature two Slovak fiction films in In the House section: domestic box office hit Loli Paradicka (d. Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky) and drama based on true events By a Sharp Knife (d. Teodor Kuhn). Student films from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica will be included as well: Variations (d. Peter Hoferica), Therapy by Travelling (d. Michal Beránek), The Gleam of Delicate Irony (d. Kristián Grupač), Neptune (d. Tereza Dodoková), Our Daily Dance (d. Matúš Druga), Back Home (d. Michal Lačný), Antiquary (d. Dagmar Ponechalová) and three shorts premiered at the A-list festivals Pura Vida (d. Martin Gonda), Kid (d. Gregor Valentovič) and Poetika Anima (d. Kriss Sagan). TV adaptation Nero and Seneca (d. Marek Ťapák) and the anthology film My Uprising 2 (d. Juraj Štepka) will complete the section.

Adventurous sci-fi for children My Granda Is An Alien (d. Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop), film about work of journalists Non-believers (d. Lucia Kašová) and TV series from the near future The Spot (d. Peter Bebjak) will be screened within Free zone section.


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published: 09.09.2019
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