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Gypsy and Nicky´s Family Awarded at Karlovy Vary IFF

This year, Slovak cinema had significant presence in the programme of 46th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - eight Slovak films were included in the festival´s programme, two of them managed to bring home awards by both the festival juries and the festival audiences.

Gypsy (orig. Cigán, dir. Martin Šulík, SK – CZ 2011), presented in the Official Selection Competition of the festival in its world premiere as the only Slovak – Czech representative, was awarded four prizes:

Special Jury Prize
Special Mention to Ján Mižigár for his role in the film
Don Quijote Prize by the FICC Jury
Europa Cinemas Label Award

Martin Šulík is not a newcomer to Karlovy Vary. Several of his films were presented in the past editions of Karlovy Vary IFF. The Garden (orig. Záhrada, 1995), too, winning Special Jury Prize and 3 further festival awards of 30th Karlovy Vary IFF. In 2005, The City of the Sun (orig. Slnečný štát, SK – CZ 2005,) was screened in the Official Selection Competition at 40th Karlovy Vary IFF. Gypsy is a notable comeback of Martin Šulík to feature films after 6 years dedicated to documentary works (Martin Slivka – Man Who Planted Trees, SK 2009, 25 from the Sixties or the Czechoslovak New Wave, CZ – SK 2010).

Nicky´s Family (orig. Nickyho rodina, dir. Matej Mináč, SK – CZ 2011) attracted the festival audiences and, after leading the festival audience vote for several days, received the Audience Award (delivered by Právo Daily). A record number of over 70 000 ballots was delivered in the audience vote deciding about 199 films in the festival programe.

Nicky´s Family is the final sequel to the trilogy by Matej Mináč about Sir Nicholas Winton, who rescued more than 600 Slovak and Czech Jewish children from Czechoslovakia in the beginning of World War II. All My Loved Ones (orig. Všetci moji blízki, CZ – SK 1999) was presented in the programme of 35th Karlovy Vary IFF. The documentary „Nicholas Winton – The Power of Good“ received the International Emmy Award.

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published: 11.07.2011
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