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54. edition of Karlovy Vary IFF | 28. 6. - 6. 7. 2019 |  Czech Republic



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Slovak Films 18-19
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  Let There Be Light
Official Selection – Competition

SK, CZ | 2019 | 93 min. | fiction
Director: Marko Škop
  Interview with Marko Škop
Scriptwriter, director and producer Marko Škop gained international renomé as a documentary filmmaker with films such as Other Worlds (2006) and Osadné (2009). His 2015 fiction feature debut Eva Nová tells the story of a former film star who has just been released from rehab and tries to find her place within her family that she hurt. Škop's latest fiction feature Let There Be Light examines the possible consequences of fathers' decision to be absent from their families in order to earn more money abroad.
  Silent Days
East of the West – Competition

SK, CZ | 2019 | 81 min. | hybrid
Director: Pavol Pekarčík
  Interview with Pavol Pekarčík
Silent Days marks Pavol Pekarčík’s first sole feature film directing credit even though he is an experienced filmmaker who made multiple short films, was involved in Martin Šulík’s Gypsy or Iveta Grófová’s Made in Ash and together with Ivan Ostrochovský and Peter Kerekes co-directed feature documentary Velvet Terrorists, which premiered at Karlovy Vary IFF in 2013 and was awarded Tagesspiegel Readers’ Jury Award at Berlinale in 2014.
Future Frames

SK | 2019 | 27 min. | fiction
Director: Gregor Valentovič
  Interview with Gregor Valentovič
Gregor Valentovič is currently in his final year of Film Directing studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. His previous short film, The Test (2016) premiered at Premiers Plans Film Festival in Angers, France and was awarded at several short film festivals. Apart from short films, he directed several music videos and commercials.
  The Barnabáš Kos Case
Out of the Past

CS | 1964 | 92 min. | fiction
Director: Peter Solan
  Peter Solan – The Barnabáš Kos Case
According to his own words, Peter Solan became a film director by sheer coincidence: due to interrupted medicine studies and a post-war cinema in Banská Bystrica. Later he recalled how he was fascinated by American films by such directors as Frank Capra, John Ford, or William Wyler. In 1949, he began his studies in film direction at FAMU in Prague where Soviet films were very much debated (mainly those by Vsevolod Pudovkin, Grigori Aleksandrov).
  It's Better to Be Wealthy and Healthy Than Poor and Ill

CS | 1992 | 108 min. | fiction
Director: Juraj Jakubisko
  Wealth, health and tolerance
[Juraj Jakubisko] made a film about present times in the course of a couple of months, directly in the boiling point of post-revolution re-arrangements of Czecho-Slovakia. He made a film about times of anarchy which we go through on our journey from totalitarianism to democracy, a film about ”wealth which we used to reject and now we worship, about two nations in one state”, as director has said. Money and national awareness have become central themes in the lives of contemporary men.
Official Selection – Out of Competition

CZ, SK | 2019 | 85 min. | fiction
Directors: Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník
  Jiří Suchý – Tackling Life With Ease
Special Screenings

CZ, SK | 2019 | 104 min. | documentary
Director: Olga Sommerová
  Czech Films 2018 – 2019
Jan Palach (d. Robert Sedláček), On the Roof (d. Jiří Mádl), The Kite (d. Martin Smatana), and Golden Sting (r. Radim Špaček) are presented in Czech Films 2018 – 2019 section.
  Mimi & Lisa: Christmas Lights Mystery
People Next Door

SK, CZ | 2018 | 67 min. | animated
Directors: Katarína Kerekesová, Ivana Šebestová


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