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SK > 27 min. > 2019 > fiction

Director >
Gregor Valentovič
Screenplay > Gregor Valentovič, Marcela Žgančíková
DoP > Anna Smoroňová
Cast > Dávid Uzsák, Jana Labajová, Michaela Fech, Pavol Šimun
Production > FTF VŠMU (SK)


They are friends for life, an inseparable quartet. Then Hana gets married, Bažo moves to Canada for work, and Maya moves in with her newfound boyfriend Sam. David (27) is trying hard to be happy forhis friends but finds it hard to navigate in a new territory, alone. Will he be willing to grow up?




2. 7. 2019 18:30 Small Hall world premiere
6. 7. 2019 22:30 Lázně III Cinema




(Academy of Performing Arts – Film and Television Faculty)
Svoradova 2, SK-813 01 Bratislava


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updated: 25.06.2019