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On Wednesday, June 29 International Animation Festival Fest Anča opens its gates in Žilina, and will keep them openmed until Sunday, July 3, 2016. Its 9th edition the festival introduces the selection of the best animation films from all around the world, this year with special focus on the animation of the Balkans, and embraces the surreal world of Quay brothers, as well as Montreal director Steve Woloshen who creates his films and time-lapse installations through scratches, grooves, colour splashing, and etching directly onto film stock.

Besides four competition section, side-bar section, special programme for children, Festival continues with the Industry platform for professional animation filmmakers, which was successfully launched two years ago, and this year offers Pithich Forum, discussions and presentations. 


The International Competition will see Mila Fog (d. Marta Prokopová) vie for the Anča Award; Prokopová´s short about search of light in the state of darkness and mists will try its luck also in the Competition of Slovak Films. Yet, Anča Slovak Award might as well end up in the hands of  Star Taxi (d. Juraj Krampolec), Monikinokino - Holiday (d. Veronika Obertová), Rules of the Game (d. Ondrej Rudavský), Occupation (d. Martina Mikušová), Balloon Girl (d. Martina Frajštáková), Brother Deer (d. Zuzana Žiaková),  Spirit of the City (d. Andrej Kolenčík & Veronika Kocourková). The lattest mentioned will also compete in the International Competition of Music Videos, while Star Taxi might as well leave the Festival with Anča Kids´s Award awarded by a very special children jury at the International Competition of Films for Kids.

Competition screenings:

International Competition 1, Bábkové divadlo, 1. 7. 2016, 12:00 
International Competition 2, Bábkové divadlo, 1. 7. 2016, 18:00
International Competition 3, Bábkové divadlo, 2. 7. 2016, 12:00 
International Competition 4, Bábkové divadlo, 2. 7. 2016, 16:00
Competition of Slovak Films, Bábkové divadlo, 1. 7. 2016, 16:00 
International Competition of Music Videos 1, Bábkové divadlo, 1. 7. 2016, 14:00 
International Competition of Music Videos 2, Bábkové divadlo, 2. 7. 2016, 18:00 
International Competition of Films for Kids, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 1, 29. 6. 2016, 10:00

Responsability for the decision of the Anča Award holder lies on the shoulders of the interantional jury composed of: producer and founder of HITCHHIKER Cinema Barbara Janišová Feglová (SK), curator of Animation Avantgarde programs at the Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival and director of the One Day Animation Festival in Vienna Thomas Renolder (AT), and animation journalist, professional and scholar, head editor of Zippy Frames Vassilis Kroustallis (GRC).

The Slovak films are going to compete for Anča Slovak Award, and one of the films will recieve it from the hands of producer and general manager at Bonobostudio focused on the production, distribution and promotion of animated and experimental films Vanja Andrijević (HRV), screenwriter of Mimi and Líza and pedagogue of screenwriting and dramaturgy at FTF VŠMU in Bratislava Katarína Moláková (SK), and co-founder of KUKI & Teen Screen, the International Short Film Festival for Children & Youth Alexandre Stein (DE).

Music Video Competition Jury, awarding Anča Misic Video Award, consists of director of the StopTrik International Film Festival (Bielsko-Biała, Poland; Maribor, Slovenia), a festival dedicated to stop motion animation, the curator of animation programmes presented at festivals in Poland, Slovenia and Croatia, specialized in classic Chinese animated film Olga Bobrowska (PL), teacher, festival juror, film conservationist, animator, craftsman and recently, the author ofRecipes for Reconstruction (2010) Steve Woloshen (CAN), and short animation film-maker, creator of installations and multimedia projects on the alternative scene in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, and Berlin Martin Buřil (CZ).

Slovak shorts also compete for Anča D Award - the distribution trophy awarded in collaboration with Film Europe Media Company. The Anča D Awrad winner will be screened in Slovak cinemas before a feature film distributed by Film Europe and will be broadcasting at Film Europe Channel. The director of the last year´s  Anča D Award winner is Cowboyland, directed by Dávid Štumpf.

The Pitching Forum of Fest Anča offers to the Czech and Slovak film-makers not only space to introduce their projects in front of the expert jury, that this year includes Patrik Pašš, Jr., but also an opportunity to receive advice and feedback from Slovak professionals.

Pitching includes six Slovak and two Czech projects:
Journey (short film), Marek Jasaň
Muflón Anciáš (series), Juraj Krampolec, Igor Derevenec
Divoké bytosti (short film), Michal Blaško, Martina Prokopová
Zima (short film), Tomáš Červený, Martin Pertlíček
Vlk a sedem kozliatok (short film) Katarína Geffertová, Klára Ivančová
Remnants (short film), Jozef Plichtík, Martin Hartiník
Město (short film), Pavla Klimešová, Ondřej Slavík, Ondřej Moravec
One Day (short film), Filip Blažek, Katarína Pojarová

One of the components of this year programme are Game Days presenting various aspects od videogame creation with speakers from Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia; Robert Schochmann of Anima Technika (SK) will present the world´s first and only multi-genra indoor game Drone n Base, and Martin Jaššo of Pixel Federation (SK) will speak on the main enterpreneurship and desing motivations that lead the company to the take on virtual reality. This year Round Table debates welcome Jozef Kovalčík (Fond na podporu umenia), Michal Ferko (Fakulta matematiky, fyziky a informatiky UK), Zora Jaurová (Creative Industry Forum), Maria Rišková (Slovenské centrum dizajnu/Slovak Design Center), Filip Fischer (Game Dev Hub).




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