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Fest Anča 2015 is arriving

International Animation Festival Fest Anča takes place from June 24 to 28 2015 in Žilina. In its 8th edition the festival introduces the selection of the best animation films from all around the world with special focus on the estonian animation.
In the competiton and side-bar sections are also included the best Slovak animation films. As well as, the festival is continuing with the Industry platform for professional animation filmmakers, which was successfully launched last year.

In the International Competition of Short Films 33 titles are competing among them also the Slovak film Nina (d. Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková).

Competition screenings:
International Competition of Short Films 1, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 2, 26. 6. 2015, 14:30
International Competition of Short Films 2, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 2, 26. 6. 2015, 17:00
International Competition of Short Films 3, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 2, 27. 6. 2015, 11:30
International Competition of Short Films 4, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 2, 27. 6. 2015, 17:30

The Slovak entries in the national competition selected out of 26 submitted films are:

Aion - d. Petra Heleninová - 6:53 – 2014
Behind the Glass - d. Tomáš Červený - 3:36 - 2015
To Breathe Sulfur d. Marián Vredík - 4:50 - 2015
Fascinating Life of Night Creatures – d. Anna Vančurová - 8:25 - 2014
flos – d. Matej Počarovský - 3:28 - 2014
Half puppet – d. Jasmine Elsen - 5:00 - 2014
Cowboyland - d. Dávid Štumpf - 6:09 - 2015
Nina – d. Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková - 17:02 - 2014
No Survi – d. Andrej Kolenčík, Peter Skala - 2:48 - 2014
Rosso Pappavero – d. Martin Smatana - 5:16 - 2014
Stability– d.Daniela Krajčová - 17:31 - 2015
4n1m4ws – d.Katarína Geffertová - 1:51 – 2015

Competition screening:
Competition of Slovak Films, Stanica Žilina Záriečie, sála 2, 27. 6. 2015, 15:45

The Slovak films are gonig to compete for Anča Slovak Award and also for the Anča D Award - the distribution trophy awarded in collaboration with Film Europe Media Company. The Anča D Awrad winner will be screened in Slovak cinemas before a feature film distributed by Film Europe and will be broadcasting at Film Europe Channel. The director of the last year´s  Anča D Award winner Veronika Kocourková will introduce herself as the author of the book Superkomix in the exhibition during the festival.

Into the programme are also included feature Slovak and coproduction titles: Lokalfimis (d. Jakub Kroner), Malý pán (d. Radek Beran), Little from the Fish Shop (d. Ján Balej). And in the section The best of BAB 2014 the visitors will have opportunity to see shorts Mimi a Líza: Zbohom, farba sivá (d. Katarína Kerekesová) a Rosso Papavero (d. Martin Smatana).

Fest Anča offers the overview of Czechoslovak bed-time stories that were either produced by Czechoslovak Television studios in Bratislava and Košice, or ordered from Czech producers. In the scope of a half-century tradition of the production of bed-time stories, the 1980s have an important place. Among the varied selection of directors who explored the world of children’s fantasy, we can find legends of Slovak animated movies like Viktor Kubal, Ivan Popovič, František Jurišič and Rudolf Urc. The titles included in this section can by find in SK_Section.

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published: 22.06.2015
updated: 22.06.2015