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Fest Anča Celebrates 10th Edition!

This year it is for the 10th time that in Žilina International Animation Festival Fest Anča takes place. The event starts on Thursday, June 29 and lasts till Sunday, July 2, 2017.

Its competitions and non-competition sections will introduce a colourful selection of the best animation films from all around the world, this year with special focus on Hungarian animation. Besides films, FestAnča keeps its good habit and includes in its side-programme Industry Days with Barry Purves full-day workshop, as well as various lectures and masterclasses, workshops, and other accompanying events. Last but not least, let us not forget about Game Days and Game Days Pitching Session.

The Festival in its current edition runs three competitions, International Competition of Short Film, International Competition of Music Videos and International Competition for Kids, with Slovak films in the first and the last named. In International Competition of Short Films vies Chilly, d. Martina Mikušová, for Anča Slovak Award and in the same time for Anča Student Award, and in International Competition of Films for Kids you can see TheTots – Trip, d. Vanda Raymanová and Michal Struss. Both the films are also included in SK Section and Panorama of Slovak Films, respectively.

The latter includes Automatina, d. Agata Bolaňosová, I'm Jumping!, d. Peter Martinka, Blood as Heavy Flooding Water, d. Marián Vredík, Construction Planning, d. Pavol Bláha, that is aslo included in Anča in Mordor, Strawberry Days, d. Eva Sekerešová, 400 Pins, d. Zden Hlinka, Stranger, d. Peter Cabarka, Tutti, d. Marek Jasoň, that you can also spot in Extremely short section of extremely short films, In the Open Field, d. Andrej Kolenčík, and Solar Box, d. Lukáš Sigmund. Section Anča in Wonderland will present a short by Stanislav Bandúr Sneakers.

A special selection is dedicated to a key figure of animated Slovak film, dramaturge, documentary filmmaker and pedagogue Rudolf Urc. It includes films directed or co-directed by him, films consulted by him or made about him. GEN Rudo Urc as Seen by Martin Šulík, d. Martin Šulík, First Class, Dada, Dodo and the Eggs and Dada, Dodo and the Rabbits, all d. Rudolf Urc, The Stool, d. Martin Slivka and Rudolf Urc, The Earth, Selection, The Idol, all by Viktor Kubal, An Ordinary Story, d. Zlatica Vejchodská, and Secrets of a Film Trick and Time of Searching, Time of Hope, both by Rudolf Urc and Marek Urban.

And if you stay up late on Saturday night (July 1), Fest Anča prepared a very nice event: screening with live music (by Marek Piaček) of Viktor Kubal's animated feature Brigand Jurko.

Complete Programme: HERE.

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published: 27.06.2017
updated: 30.06.2017