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Film Festival Cottbus (5. – 10. 11. 2019) focusing on East and Central European cinema will present up to 10 Slovak films at its 29th edition! Slovak films can be found in 9 sections from a total of 15 sections of the festival. 

The Feature Film Competition will present a drama By a Sharp Knife (d. Teodor Kuhn) and the Short Film Competition The March, directed by Michal Blaško, who made his feature debut Victim at the festival last year.

The U18 Youth Film Competition will screen Let there be light (d. Marko Škop) and among the Hits The Rift (d. Peter Bebjak).

The section Everything Stays Different? which reflects the situation 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is complemented by the documentary The Lust for Power (d. Tereza Nvotová).

Another anniversary, 100 years of Bauhaus, is dedicated to the Specials section, which consists of two filmsOff Season (d. Andrea Kalinová) and Gardeners (d. Mira Fornay).

The film Old-timers (d. Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník) will be introduced in the Spectrum section.

The regional section Region Lower Silesia dedicated to Poland will be represented by the co-production work Pardon (d. Jan Jakub Kolski).

Children can look forward to My Grandpa Is an Alien (d. Marina Andree Škop, Dražen Žarković) that will make part of the Children´s Film section.


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published: 05.11.2019
updated: 05.11.2019