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The Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia 2016

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia is held for the fourth time in four Australian cities. The festival starts on Sept 14 in Melbourne and then continues to Perth, Sydney and for the first time also to Canberra.

The aim of this year´s edition is to introduce the most significant film adaptations of Slovak and Czech literature. On this occasion two Slovak archive films will be screened: Dragon´s Return by Eduard Grečner and a fairy tale Lady Winter by Juraj Jakubisko. Another archive film The Man Who Lies by Alain Robbe-Grillet will be also screened.

The contemporary Slovak cinematography will be represented by films: Eva Nová (d. Marko Škop), The Cleaner (d. Peter Bebjak), Vojtech (d. Viktor Csudai), Stanko(d. Rasťo Boroš), Seven Ravens (d. Alice Nellis) , In Your Dreams! (d. Petr Oukropec), Family Film (d. Olmo Omerzu) , Tiger´s Theory (d. Radek Bajgar) and documentaries The Edge – 4 Films about Marek Brezovský (d. Patrik Lančarič) and Through the Eyes of the Photographer (d.Matej Mináč).

A selection of student films from Academy of Performing Arts will be presented as well: Brother Deer (d. Zuzana Žiaková), Star Taxi(d. Juraj Krumpolec), Chronos(d. Martin Kazimír), In Line (d. Kamila Kučíková), Mila Fog (d. Marta Prokopová), Rosso Papavero (d. Martin Smatana), The Ballad of Simon and Teresa (d. Martin Hnát) and Cowboyland (d. Dávid Štumpf).

The very first edition of the festival took place in Melbourne and in the following years the festival has spread to Sydney (2014), Perth (2015) and Canberra (2016). Another newie is a set up of jury composed of Glenn Dunks, Tom Clift and Hayley Inch from Australian Film Critics Association (a new partner of the festival), which will pick the best feature film screened in Melbourne and Canberra. The films screened in Sydney will vie for the Audience award.

Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia is organized by Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia Inc. (CaSFFA) and Iksima, in cooperation with production company ARINA, Slovak Film Institute, and with financial support of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund. Partners of the event are Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Canberra, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Tourist Board and Academy of Performing Arts.

Melbourne● 14. – 23. 9. 2016
Sept 16    18.30    Tiger´s Theory, d. Radek Bajgar
Sept 17    14.00    In Your Dreams!, d. Petr Oukropec
Sept 18    14.00    Seven Ravens, d. Alice Nellis
Sept 18    19.15    The Man Who Lies, d. Alain Robbe-Grillet  
Sept 19    18.30    Through the Eyes of the Photographer, d. Matej Mináč
Sept 20    18.30    Student film showcase (If you go into the woods tonight...)
Sept 20    20.30    The Cleaner, d. Peter Bebjak
Sept 22    18.45    Eva Nová, d. Marko Škop
Sept 22    21.00    Dragon´s Return, d. Eduard Grečner

Canberra   ● 7. – 9. 10. 2016
Oct 8    14.00    Seven Ravens, d. Alice Nellis
Oct 8    16.15    Eva Nová, d. Marko Škop
Oct 9    14.00    Dragon´s Return, d. Eduard Grečner

Sydney   ● 12. – 16. 10. 2016
Oct 12    18.30    Rosso Papavero, d. Martin Smatana + Lída Baarová (CZ)
Oct 13    18.30    Stanko, d. Rasťo Boroš 
Oct 14    18.30    Family Film, d. Olmo Omerzu 
Oct 14    21.00    The Edge – 4 Films about Marek Brezovský, d. Patrik Lančarič 
Oct 14    18.30    Student film showcase
Oct 15    13.00    Winter Lady, d. Juraj Jakubisko 
Oct 15    15.30    Student film showcase
Oct 15    16.00    Vojtech d. Viktor Csudai + In Line, d. Kamila Kučíková 
Oct 15    18.30    Tiger´s Theory, d. Radek Bajgar + Cowboyland, d. Dávid Štumpf 
Oct 15    21.00    Rosso Papavero, d. Martin Smatana + Lost in Munich (CZ)
Oct 16    13.00    In Your Dreams!, d. Petr Oukropec + Star Taxi, d. Juraj Krumpolec 
Oct 16    18.30    Through the Eyes of the Photographer, d. Matej Mináč 

Perth      ● 20. – 23. 10. 2016
Oct 20    18.30    Tiger´s Theory, d. Radek Bajgar + Cowboyland, d. Dávid Štumpf 
Oct 21    18.30    Stanko, d. Rasťo Boroš + Chronos, d. Martin Kazimír 
Oct 23    20.45    Through the Eyes of the Photographer, d. Matej Mináč

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