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Slovak Films Again in Australia

It is for the fifth time that Australia welcomes Czech and Slovak films during the one of a kind event Czech and Slovak Film festival in Australia (CaSFFA). As it became some sort of a habit, the 2017 edition once again introduced several changes – already in July, the new venue, Brisbane, introduced a selection of master pieces of Juraj Herz, and Sydney is only saying brief good-bye this year to welcome you in March 2018. Nevertheless, it all starts in Melbourne (September 15 – 23) and continues in Canberra (October 11 – 14), Perth (October 18 - 21) and Sydney (October 27 – 28, and march 2018). 

This year CaSFFA takes place with at the moment ten feature-length and four short Slovak (co)production films confirmed.

The 2017 edition of the festival for Melbourne and Canberra is programmed according to a theme of “Neighbours, reflecting not only the relation between the two countries in the title of the festival, but also opens the door to, e.g. selection from the oeuvre of Hungarian director Zoltán Fábri. Emblematic to the theme, opening film of the festival is none other than The Line (d. Peter Bebjak), screened on Friday, September 15.

As for Slovak (co)production films, this year the sole flag bearer of the „old generation“ is Czechoslovak The Shop on Main Street (1965, r. Ján Kadár). The most recent film production is represented by tha successful The Teacher (d. Peter  Bebjak),  the holder of the Crystal Bear from Berlinale 2017 Little Harbour (d. Iveta Grófová), winner of the Czech National Awards Czech Lion for the year 2016 in several categories including the best film and winner of several Slovak National Film Awards The Sun in A Net for the year 2016 A Prominent Patient (d. Julius Ševčík), winner of the Czech National Awards Czech Lion for the year 2016 for the best actress in leading role and the best supporting acterss I, Olga Hepnarova (d. Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda), or at domestic IFF Art Film Fest Košice awarded directorial debut of Tereza Nvotová Filthy. Further, CaSFFA screens two adaptations of crime novels by police investigator turned author Dominik Dán The Red Captain (d. Michal Kollár) and Kidnapping (d. Mariana Čengel Solčanská), as well as the other box office hit of 2017 All or Nothing (d. Marta Ferencová), or a film for the whole family Angel of the Lord 2 (d. Jiří Strach).

The four-leaf clover of the shorts contains Solar Box (d. Lukáš Sigmund), Meow (d. Marek Jasaň), Strawberry Days (d. Eva Sekerešová) and, again one with Slovak-Ukranian element, Atlantis, 2003 (d. Michal Blaško).

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published: 12.09.2017
updated: 14.09.2017