World of Walls
World of Walls

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SK - CZ - DE | far. > col. | 80 min. | kratívny dokument > creative documentary

World of Walls

To evoke and imagine the near future, World of Walls is set in an environment of extreme social divisions and an escalating climate crisis. The story takes place in an unspecified country that is being destroyed by continuous environmental disasters, located in today's South Africa, close to Pretoria-Johannesburg. The rich are living inside strictly protected luxury estates with secure infrastructure, while the rest of the world survives on scarce resources on the other side of the wall. People knew these catastrophes were coming years in advance but ignored the fact. The dystopian reality is revealed through the curious eyes of the two child protagonists.
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Director > Réžia   Lucia Kašová, Tereza Červinková
Story > Námet  -
Screenplay > Scenár Lucia Kašová, Tereza Červinková
DOP > Kamera Tereza Červinková, Pascale Neuschafer
Editors >  Strih Filip De Pina
Music > Hudba  -
Set Design > Architekt  -
Costumes > Kostýmy  -
Sound > Zvuk  -
Animation > Animácia  -
Cast > Hrajú  -
Filmography > Filmografia Lucia Kašová (1983)

upcoming: World of Walls
2021: The Sailor

Tereza Červinková
Production > Produkcia Guča (SK)
Co-production > Koprodukcia CLAW AV (CZ), Jana Cisar Filmproduktion (DE)
Producer > Producent Matej Sotník (SK), Wanda Kaprálová (CZ), Klára Mamojková (CZ)  
Budget > Rozpočet  -
Support > Podpora Audiovizuálny fond
Co-production Forums > Koprodukčné trhy a fóra  - - -
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Principal Photography >
Termín nakrúcania
Expected Completion >
Plánované dokončenie
Expected Release >
Plánovaná premiéra
SK: 2025, Film Expanded
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