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Two Slovak films at Rotterdam IFF 2017

Two Slovak films will be premiered at the 46th edition of prestigious Rotterdam IFF (Jan 25 – Feb 5, 2017). Bright Future section features Filthy by talented Tereza Nvotová. The festival has also prepared a wide retrospective of the work of Jan Němec including his last film The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street.

Filthy tells a story of sensitive seventeen-year-old Lena whose enchanted teenage world is shattered by a horrific event. In love with a boy for the first time, Lena longs for freedom and adventure. Her magic world is shattered instantly when her teacher, whom all her classmates have a crush on, rapes her in her own home. Instead of sharing her trauma, Lena keeps it a secret even from her best friend. Her pent up feelings drive her to attempt suicide. Her family in shock, Lena ends up in a psychiatric ward.

Tereza Nvotová said on the theme: „The period in between childhood and adulthood fascinates me- it's the first time you have to fight hard for your truth, the first time you realize the world is not acting as you wish and is therefore changing fast. When adolescence is complicated by trauma, such as rape, the world turns upside down. Not only is rape a taboo, it's also surrounded by myths of dark streets, short skirts and cruel strangers. In reality, most abuses happen behind the doors of our own homes.“

Presskit – Filthy by Tereza Nvotová – for download

Tereza Nvotová is about to graduate from FAMU with a Master's in Direction. Filthy is her feature film debut. She also directs documentary movies for Czech and Slovak Public TV and is recently working on her second feature documentary about former Slovak PM Vladimir Mečiar in coproduction with HBO Europe.

Fillthy will be world-premiered within the Bright Future (out of competition), that introduces talented young filmmakers. Film was produced by BFILM, moloko film and FAMU in coproducion with Magiclab and Sleepwalker, with support of HBO Europe and financial support od Audiovisual fund and State cinematography fund.

The festival included in its programme the most extensive retrospective of the work of Jan Němec ever assembled. Alongside familiar classics, the programme will present seldom-seen works from the fifteen-year period of Němec’s exile. Heart Beat 3D (2010), an experimental work that has hardly ever been shown, will have its international premiere in Rotterdam, as will Němec’s last film The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street, a Slovak co-production title.

Programme of Slovak films:
Špina /Filthy, d. Tereza Nvotová, SK-CZ, 2017
27. 1. - 18.30 - Pathé 6 - svetová premiéra
28. 1. - 19.45 - LantarenVenster 3
30. 1. - 22.00 - KINO 4
04. 1. - 19.30 - Cinerama 5

Vlk z Královských Vinohrad / The Wolf from Royal Vineyard Street, d. Jan Němec, CZ-SK-FR, 2016
28. 1. - 19:30 - KINO 1
31. 1. - 16:45 - Cinerama 2
02. 2. - 16:30 - Cinerama 6

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published: 19.01.2017
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