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Multiple Slovak films at 32nd Finále Plzeň Film Festival

Finále Plzeň Film Festival will show 16 Slovak films at its 32nd edition, four of which are up for prizes.

Two Slovak co-production films, Adam Sedlák’s Domestique and Olmo Omerzu’s Winter Flies, are competing for Golden Kingfisher Award for the best feature live action or animated film, while Circus Rwanda (d. Michal Varga) and Occupation 1968 (d. Evdokia Moskvina, Linda Dombrovszky, Maria Elisa Scheidt, Magda Szymków, Stephan Komandarev) are selected for documentary competition.

Non-competitive section First Catch which showcase (pre-)premieres includes a new Peter Kerekes film Batastories and Teodor Kuhn’s debut By a Sharp Knife.

The festival will also screen latest documentary by Ladislav Kaboš The Band, dance film Backstage (d. Andrea Sedláčková), and Intimate Enemy, a tech thriller directed by Karel Janák. Minority co-productions are represented by Marek Najbrt’s fairy tale The Magic Quill, Talks with TGM (d. Jakub Červenka), a docu-fiction about T.G. Masaryk and Karel Čapek, Beata Parkanová’s feature debut Moments, Anna Kryvenko’s doc My Unknown Soldier and Radim Špaček’s historical sport drama The Golden Betrayal.

The Spot, a horror series by Peter Bebjak, and Martin Smatana’s short animation The Kite are presented, too.

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published: 09.04.2019
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