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Digitally restored film Dragon's Return in Lyon

The film adaptation of Slovak novella of the same name, Dragon's Return (1967), directed by Eduard Grečner, will be screened at one of the most renowned international classic film festivals, Lumière in Lyon (14 – 22 October 2023). The film will be presented alongside other works from the whole world in the Treasures and Curiosities section.

The Lumière Festival highlights important works from the history of cinema and ensures that they are relevant to the present day. Its programme is dedicated to restored classic films, retrospectives and tributes to important filmmakers, and includes world premieres of restored films. "What the Festival de Cannes means for contemporary cinema, the Lyon Festival means for classical cinema," says Marián Hausner, Director of the National Film Archive of the Slovak Film Institute, about one of the most respected events of classical cinema. "The Lyon Festival is a celebration of the history of cinema. Its programme consists mainly of world-famous classic cinematographic works, but the organisers also pay attention to lesser-known works that are, however, equally important for the history of cinema. It is always the value of the cinematographic work that is of primary importance, but at the same time the quality of their restoration," he adds.

Dragon's Return is a ballad about love, hate and finding a way out of loneliness. It tells the dramatic story of Martin Lepiš, a closed and unapproachable potter who is considered by his surroundings to be the cause of some of the natural disasters. Based on false denunciations, he has lost his wife, his house and his freedom. Years later, he returns to his native village, but the past cannot be overcome. The gulf that separates the potter from the villagers is too wide, and even a brave act will not restore his trust and place in the village community.

Grečner's Dragon's Return is the sixth film to represent Slovak cinema at the Lyon Film Festival. Last year it was A Case for the Defence Attorney (1964) and in 2020 the festival screened Night Riders (1981), both directed by Martin Hollý. The festival also featured Wild Lilies (1972) by Elo Havetta, the tragicomedy The Barnabáš Kos Case (1964) by Peter Solan, and the first Slovak representative at the festival was Viktor Kubal's animated feature The Bloody Lady (1980).

17 October / 16:45 / Cinéma Opéra
19 October / 09:30 / Lumière Institute (Villa)


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published: 10.10.2023
updated: 11.10.2023