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The Sun in a Net 2022 – Nominations

The 11th Slovak National Film Awards The Sun in a Net 2022, presented by the Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA), will honour the most remarkable films and creative accomplishment of Slovak cinema. The Gala ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 9, 2022 and will be broadcasted live on TV channel Jednotka (RTVS).

The Academy has nominated 11 films that will contend for prizes in 15 different categories.

Film Servants (d. Ivan Ostrochovský), the untold history of the church's involvement with the communist regime during the cold war, leads with 12 nominations, while The Man with Hare Ears by Martin Šulík and 107 Mothers by Peter Kerekes scored 11 nominations. 

Turning to the other main categories, nominees for Best Documentary Film include At Full Throttle by director and producer Miro Remo, Paradise on Earth by Jaro Vojtek and Lucia Kašová's feature debut The Sailor. Animated shorts Once There Was a Sea... by Joanna Kozuch, Overboard! by Filip Pošivač and Barbora Valecká and On the Hill by Lukáš Ďurica and Juraj Mäsiar are running for Best Animation Award.

The Slovak National Film Awards ceremony will be held during the Slovak Film Week (April 4 – 10, 2022) at Kino Lumière, Bratislava, and will subsequently be shown in towns all around Slovakia. The showcase will feature the films premiered in 2021, as well as The Sun in a Net nominees and winners.

Slovak National Film Award The Sun in a Net nominees 2020 – 2021

Best Fiction Film

107 Mothers, director: Peter Kerekes

producer: Ivan Ostrochovský

The Man with Hare Ears, director: Martin Šulík

producers: Rudolf Biermann, Martin Šulík

Servants, director: Ivan Ostrochovský

producers: Ivan Ostrochovský, Albert Malinovský, Katarína Tomková

Best Documentary Film

At Full Throttle, director: Miro Remo

producers: Miro Remo, Vít Janeček

Paradise on Earth, director: Jaro Vojtek

producers: Zora Jaurová, Mátyás Prikler

The Sailor, director: Lucia Kašová

producer: Nazarij Kľujev

Best Animation

Once There Was a Sea..., director: Joanna Kozuch

producer: Peter Badač

Overboard!, directors: Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecká

producers: Pavla Janoušková Kubečková, Jakub Viktorín

On the Hill, directors: Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar

producer: Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava

Best Film Direction

Peter Kerekes, film: 107 Mothers

Ivan Ostrochovský, film: Servants

Martin Šulík, film: The Man with Hare Ears

Best Film Screenplay

Marek Leščák, Martin Šulík, film: The Man with Hare Ears

Marek Leščák, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Ivan Ostrochovský, film: 107 Mothers

Ivan Ostrochovský, Peter Kerekes, film: 107 Mothers

Best Cinematography

Juraj Chlpík, film: Servants

Martin Kollár, film: 107 Mothers

Martin Žiaran, film: The Auschwitz Report

Best Film Editing

Jan Daňhel, Martin Malo, Maroš Šlapeta, film: Servants

Marek Kráľovský, film: The Auschwitz Report

Martin Piga, Thomas Ernst, film: 107 Mothers

Marek Šulík, film: The Man with Hare Ears

Best Film Sound

Olaf Mehl, Juraj Baláž, film: The Auschwitz Report

Tobiáš Potočný, film: 107 Mothers

Tobiáš Potočný, film: Servants

Best Original Score

Lucia Chuťková, film: 107 Mothers

Jonatán Pastirčák, film: Lines

Miroslav Tóth, Cristian Lolea, film: Servants

Best Costumes

Katarína Hollá, film: Servants

Katarína Hollá, Polina Karčeva, film: 107 Mothers

Katarína Štrbová Bieliková, film: The Auschwitz Report

Best Make-Up

Martin Jankovič, Katarína Horská, film: The Man with Hare Ears

Michaela Kicková, film: The Auschwitz Report

Lukáš Král, film: Servants

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Alexandra Borbély (Katarína), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Marina Klimova (Lesja), film: 107 Mothers

Irina Kirjazeva (Irina), film: 107 Mothers

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Zuzana Krónerová (Dana), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Liubov Vasylyna (Naďa), film: 107 Mothers

Tatiana Pauhofová (Simona), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Zuzana Mauréry (Katarína's mother), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Noel Czuczor (Fredy), film: The Auschwitz Report

Miroslav Krobot (Jozef), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Samuel Polakovič (Michal), film: Servants

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Vlad Ivanov (Dr Ivan), film: Servants

Oldřich Kaiser (Julo), film: The Man with Hare Ears

Milan Mikulčík (Spirituál), film: Servants

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