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The Sun in a Net 2020 – Nominations

The 10th Slovak National Film Awards The Sun in a Net 2019, presented by the Slovak Film and Television Academy (SFTA), will honour the most remarkable films and creative accomplishment of Slovak cinema. The Gala ceremony will take place on Friday, April 17, 2020 and will be broadcasted live on TV channel Jednotka (RTVS).

The Academy has nominated 14 films that will contend for prizes in 16 different categories.

AMNESTY (d. Jonáš Karásek), the dramatic story of three families during the major social changes brought by the collapse of communism and the creation of democratic Czechoslovakia. Czech-Slovak co-production, vies for 12 awards, while Let There Be Light by Marko Škop scored 11 nominations. PUNK NEVER ENDS! by Juraj Šlauka closes up the nominees in Best Fiction Film category. Teodor Kuhn's feature debut By a Sharp Knife received 8 nominations.

Turning to the other main categories, nominees for Best Documentary Film include THE GOOD DEATH by director and producer Tomáš Krupa, The Lonely Runners: Moving On! (d. Martin Repka) and Barbora Berezňáková’s feature debut Never Happened. The Tots (ep. Treasure) by Vanda Raýmanová and Michal Struss, SH_T HAPPENS (d. Michaela Mihályi, David Štumpf) and The Kite by Martin Smatana are running for Best Animation Award.

The Slovak National Film Awards ceremony will be held prior to the Slovak Film Week (April 17 – 25, 2020) at Kino Lumière, Bratislava, and will subsequently be shown in towns all around Slovakia. The showcase will feature the films premiered in 2019, as well as The Sun in a Net nominees and winners.

Slovak National Film Award The Sun in a Net nominees 2019

Best Fiction Film
>>AMNESTY, director: Jonáš Karásek
producers: Maroš Hečko, Peter Veverka, Nataša Ďuričová, Jiří Konečný, Ivan Juráš
>>Let There Be Light, director: Marko Škop
producers: Marko Škop, Ján Meliš, Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad
>>PUNK NEVER ENDS!, director: Juraj Šlauka
producer: Ivan Ostrochovský

Best Documentary Film
>>THE GOOD DEATH, director: Tomáš Krupa
producer: Tomáš Krupa
>>The Lonely Runners: Moving On!, director: Martin Repka
producer: Maroš Šlapeta
>>Never Happened, director: Barbora Berezňáková
producer: Mario Homolka, Dávid Čorba

Best Animation
>>The Tots (ep. Treasure), director: Vanda Raýmanová, Michal Struss
producer: Vanda Raýmanová
>>SH_T HAPPENS, directors: Michaela Mihályiová, David Štumpf
producer: Peter Badač
>>The Kite, director: Martin Smatana
producer: Peter Badač

Best Film Direction
>>Jonáš Karásek, film: AMNESTY
>>Marko Škop, film: Let There Be Light
>>Juraj Šlauka, film: PUNK NEVER ENDS!

Best Film Screenplay
>>Jakub Medvecký, Teodor Kuhn, film: By a Sharp Knife
>>Marko Škop, film: Let There Be Light
>>Juraj Šlauka, film: PUNK NEVER ENDS!

Best Cinematography
>>Denisa Buranová, film: By a Sharp Knife
>>Tomáš Juríček, film: AMNESTY
>>Ján Meliš, film: Let There Be Light

Best Film Editing
>>Matej Beneš, film: AMNESTY
>>František Krähenbiel, film: Let There Be Light
>>Marek Kráľovský, film: The Rift

Best Film Sound
>>Jan Čeněk, film: Let There Be Light
>>Viktor Krivosudský, film: AMNESTY
>>Tobiáš Potočný, film: By a Sharp Knife

Best Original Score
>>David Kollar, film: PUNK NEVER ENDS!
>>Michal Novinki, film: By a Sharp Knife
>>Matúš Široký, Jozef Lupták, film: AMNESTY

Best Art Direction
>>Pavol Andraško, film: Let There Be Light
>>Tomáš Berka, Karol Filo, Václav Vohlídal, film: AMNESTY
>>Juraj Fábry, film: Little Kingdom

Best Costumes
>>Marek Cpin, film: Watchmaker’s Apprentice
>>Erik Ivančák, film: PUNK NEVER ENDS!
>>Zuzana Krejzková, film: AMNESTY

Best Make-Up
>>Zuzana Paulini, film: Let There Be Light
>>Helena Steidlová, film: Watchmaker’s Apprentice
>>Andrea Štrbová, film: AMNESTY

Best Actress in a Leading Role
>>Natália Germani (Karin Lupková), film: AMNESTY
>>Zuzana Konečná (Zuzka), film: Let There Be Light
>>Ela Lehotská (Zuzana), film: By a Sharp Knife

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
>>Judit Bárdos (Guiliana Benzoni), film: The Impossible Voyage
>>Anna Geislerová (Miriam Kelemenová), film: AMNESTY
>>Táňa Radeva (Judge Tibenská), film: By a Sharp Knife

Best Actor in a Leading Role
>>Pavol Kovačovský
(Kvičko), film: PUNK NEVER ENDS!
>>Roman Luknár (Ľudo), film: By a Sharp Knife
>>Milan Ondrík (Milan), film: Let There Be Light

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
>>František Beleš (Adam), film: Let There Be Light
>>Dávid Hartl (Dávid), film: By a Sharp Knife
>>Gregor Hološka (Gujda), film: AMNESTY

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