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International Film Festival Berlin


Servants in Encounters

Ivan Ostrochovský's latest film Servants (2020) will world premiere at the brandnew Berlinale competition section Encounters.

Servants / Služobníci
SK, RO, CZ, IE / 2020 / 80 min. / fiction
Ivan Ostrochovský

Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Marek Leščák, Ivan Ostrochovský

DoP:     Juraj Chlpík

Samuel Skyva, Samuel Polakovič, Vlad Ivanov, Vladimír Strnisko, Milan Mikulčík, Tomáš Turek, Vladimír Zboroň, Martin Šulík, Vladimír Obšil, Zvonko Lakčević

Ivan Ostrochovský (SK)

Punkchart films (SK), Point Film (RO), RTVS (SK), Negativ (CZ), Film and Music Entertainment (IE), Libra Film Productions (RO), Hai Hui Entertainment (RO), sentimentalfilm (SK)


The year is 1980. Michal and Juraj are students at a theological seminary in totalitarian Czechoslovakia. Fearing the dissolution of their school, the tutors are moulding the students into a shape satisfactory to the ruling Communist Party. Each of the young seminarians must decide if he will give into the temptation and choose the easier way of collaborating with the regime, or if he will subject himself to draconian surveillance by the secret police.



Punkchart films, Ivan Ostrochovský,,


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FEB 20 17:00 CinemaxX 10 *EFM
FEB 23 13:35 CinemaxX 10 *EFM
FEB 24 11:00 CinemaxX 3 *Press
FEB 24 17:30 CinemaxX 7 *World Premiere
FEB 25 18:00 Cubix 6
FEB 26 22:00 Kino International
MAR  1 10:00 Cubix 6

About director:


After several documentary shorts and TV series, Ivan Ostrochovský (1972) directed his feature documentary debut Velvet Terrorists (2013), which was co-directed by Pavol Pekarčík and Peter Kerekes, and which premiered at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2013. His feature debut, Koza (2015), celebrated its world premiere at the Berlinale 2015. Its success continued at many festivals; it was also shortlisted for the 2015 European Film Awards and was the Slovak Oscar Entry for 2016. His latest film Servants (2020) is presented in a world premiere at the brandnew Berlinale competition section Encounters.



  2020: Servants
2015: Koza
2013: Velvet Terrorists


  Slovak Audiovisual FundCzech Film Fund, Eurimages, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, CNC, Bratislava Self-Governing Region

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