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Emerging Producers 2019

Wanda Adamík Hrycová has more than 20 years of experience in TV, film and theatre production, she stage-produced 14 world known theatre musicals, TV fiction series and TV entertainment shows. Between 2010 and 2012, she worked as general director of Media Pro Entertainment Slovakia, which produced the entire local content for TV Markíza. She later established production company Wandal Production and produced feature films Colette directed by Milan Cieslar, The Line directed by Peter Bebjak, and co-produced documentary My Unknown Soldier by Anna Kryvenko. Last year, she became president of Slovak Film and Television Academy.


Nation's Beloved    
drama in development    

It's the early 1960s. Three former hockey legends of the entire Czechoslovak nation are dealing with the aftermath of a law suit fabricated by the communist party with the golden hockey team in 1950. The story is still very much alive for all three world champions and friends, yet it means something different to each of them.

Each one is carrying a different trauma to deal with, just to go on with their lives.

One lost his physical strength and health in a communist lager, the second was robbed of his beloved hockey and youth, the third one evaded the sentence altogether. He is however fighting his own conscience, which sometimes proves even more difficult.

Despite it all, all three are trying to find the long lost mutual friendships and maybe even their lost hope in a nation they once represented, that now has turned its back on them.

thriller in development

The life of Roman Savojský, oligarch and head of an influential finance group, turns upside down after he finds out the safe flat he´s been using to corrupt high-ranked politicians was wiretapped by the Secret Service.

This launches a series of suspenseful events, searches, hunts and intelligence schemes that include media, politicians, Slovak Information Service, Savojský´s closest associates and even his own family.

The rise of Roman Savojský to the undesired top of the media attention as well as the public hatred, changes by the end of the political thriller Oligarch to a journey into the dark abyss of his soul.


Wandal Production
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published: 25.01.2019
updated: 30.01.2019