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International Film Festival Berlin


Tlmočník at Berlinale Special section

Martin Šulík´s feature The Interpreter will be world premiered within the Berlinale Special section.

Tlmočník / The Interpreter 
SK, CZ, AT / 2018 / 110 min. / fiction
Martin Šulík
Peter Simonischek, Jiří Menzel, Zuzana Mauréry, Attila Mokos
Martin Šulík (SK), Rudolf Biermann (CZ), Bruno Wagner (AT)
Production:   TITANIC (SK), IN Film Praha (CZ), coop99 filmproduktion (AT), Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska (SK), Česká televize (CZ)

A book by a former SS officer detailing his time and deeds in Slovakia falls into the hands of the interpreter, Ali Ungár. He realises that the SS officer is responsible for the death of his parents. He travels to Vienna but, in place of the killer, he finds only his son, Georg, a former teacher who has distanced himself from his father’s past throughout his life. However, the interpreter’s visit awakens his interest and he decides to find out who his father actually was.



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  Celluloid Dreams / Pascale Ramonda,

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FEB 15 / 14:20 / MGB Cinema *EFM - BUYERS ONLY
FEB 16 / 10:45 / CinemaxX 4 *EFM - BUYERS ONLY
FEB 18 / 17:00 / CinemaxX 1 *EFM - BUYERS ONLY
FEB 23 / 20:00 / Kino International *WORLD PREMIERE
FEB 25 / 18:00 / Cubix 8

About director:

Born in Žilina, Slovakia in 1962, he gained his first experience as a film director and actor whilst studying at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He made his debut film, Neha (Tenderness), in 1991. His most successful film to date, Záhrada (The Garden), won the Czech Lion Award in five different categories. He has also been working as a screenwriter and since 2000 has focused chiefly on documentary and television productions. In 2005, he returned to making feature films with the comedy Sluneční stát aneb hrdinové dělnické třídy (The City of the Sun).




2018: The Interpreter
2011: Gypsy
2005: The City of the Sun
2000: Landscape
1997: Orbis Pictus
1995: The Garden
1992: Everything I love
1991: Tenderness



  Audiovisual fund, Czech fund, Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien

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