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Czech Films 2017 - 2018

Insect / Hmyz
CZ, SK | 2018 | 105 min. | fiction, animation 

Director & Scriptwriter: Jan Švankmajer
DoP: Jan Růžička, Adam Oľha
Cast: Jaromír Dulava, Kamila Magálová, Jiří Lábus, Ivana Uhlířová, Norbert Lichý, Jan Budař
Production: Athanor (CZ), PubRes (SK)

A local pub in a small town. It’s Monday and the bar is closed, the chairs are turned upside down on the tables. The pub is empty except for six amateur actors sitting in a corner. They’ve met to rehearse “The Insect Play” by the Čapek brothers. On a raised platform across the room we see a stage, set for Act II of the play. As the rehearsal progresses, the characters of the play are born and die without any regard to time. The actors slowly become one with them and some of them undergo frightening transformations…

Festivals & Sales: ATHANOR společnost pro filmovou tvorbu, Ján Kalista,,

AIC database:

29. 6. 2018 10.30  Husovka Theatre 
02. 7. 2018 16.00  Národní dům
05. 7. 2018 14.00  Cinema B



The Interpreter / The Interpreter
SK, CZ, AT | 2017 | 110 min. | fiction

Director: Martin Šulík
Screenplay: Marek Leščák, Martin Šulík
DoP: Martin Štrba
Cast: Peter Simonischek, Jiří Menzel, Zuzana Mauréry, Attila Mokos
Produkction: TITANIC (SK), IN Film Praha (CZ), coop99 filmproduktion (AT), RTVS - Radio and Television Slovakia (SK), Czech Television (CZ)

A book by a former SS officer detailing his time and deeds in Slovakia falls into the hands of the interpreter, Ali Ungár. He realises that the SS officer is responsible for the death of his parents. He travels to Vienna but, in place of the killer, he finds only his son, Georg, a former teacher who has distanced himself from his father’s past throughout his life. However, the interpreter’s visit awakens his interest and he decides to find out who his father actually was.

Festivals: Celluloid Dreams, Pascale Ramonda,

Sales: Celluloid Dreams, Hengamed Panahi,, 

AIC database:

29. 6. 2018 13.30  Husovka Theatre 
01. 7. 2018   9.00  Cinema B
05. 7. 2018 16.30  Lázně III


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