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Slovak films at Febiofest 2019

The 26th edition of International Film Clubs Festival Febiofest (March 20 – 26, 2019), with the theme „Evil in film“, has prepared a program which includes shorts by young emerging talents, Slovak audiovisual heritage, experimental works as well as the screenings dedicated to the youngest audience.

Competition called In the Heart of Europe, focused on short films from V4 countries and Austria, will present four Slovak documentaries: A(way) by Soňa Nôtová, Concrete Times by Lucia Kašová, Extraction by Kateřina Hroníková and Borderline by Domink Jursa, the episode from a series Unsung Heroes. The only competing Slovak animation will be The Kite by Martin Smatana, recently world premiered at 69th Berlin IFF.

The premieres and pre-premieres of the latest Slovak films and television projects will be introduced in Slovakia - The Country of Film section. The Monument (d. Andrej Kolenčík), combining live action with animation, will reconstruct Milan Rastislav Štefánik's memories thanks to the adventure of three classmates. Travelers from Lada World Tour: Soviet Machine on the Road (d. Michal Fulier), who spent 10,000 miles and two months in two thirty-year-old „indestructible“ Lada cars, had good times as well. Young Slovak rescuers from Lost Home (d. Juraj Mravec, Jr.) had different intentions when they decided to leave their homes and join the biggest military operation in modern history, battle for Mosul, the capital of the self-appointed caliphate. On the other hand, The Siege (d. Zuzana Piussi, Vít Janeček) deals with domestic issues, namely the battle between environmentalists and both local and international mining companies. Juraj Šlauka's debut PUNK NEVER ENDS!, inspired by the closely observed life of punks, who spend their lives on the periphery of the city, will be presented to the audience for the first time. The festival will also present Slovak minority co-productions that have already premiered at the international festivals. One of them is Pardon by Jan Jakub Kolski, the story about the strength and bravery of parents who want to regain their dignity and balance after they lose a son. Czech-Slovak drama Moments by Beata Parkanová also deals with family issues, basic situations, relationships and emotions that befall everyone. Slovakia - The Country of Film section completes THE GOOD DEATH (d. Tomáš Krupa) terminally ill Janette who want to end her life in a dignified way and to choose the assisted death, short animated film The Kite by Martin Smatana and the block of experimental films called Other Visions (SK).

Febiofest will honor Dodo Šimončič, Slovak cinematographer who worked with directors such as Elo Havetta, Juraj Jakubisko, Juraj Herz or Dušan Hanák. On this special occasion, festival will screen film from the collection of National Film Archive of Slovak Film Institute, Celebration in the Botanical Garden (d. Elo Havetta). In the Mirror of the Past, section dedicated to archive films with cult status, which have previously influenced the direction of arthouse cinema, digitally restored The Barnabáš Kos Case (d. Peter Solan), world premiered at Lumière Festival 2018 in Lyon, will be introduced. Thanks to the selection of investigative journalist Marek Vagovič, the documentary Anton Srholec (d. Alena Čermáková) will be screened in the Club Jukebox section.

The youngest audience will be pleased by Children's Film Cabinet, an interactive educational project that will also present eight episodes of the animated series KA-BOOM! by Veronika Kocourková.


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published: 15.03.2019
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