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The Flower Shop and Insect to premiere at Rotterdam IFF 2018

Two films will represent Slovak cinema at the 47th edition of IFF Rotterdam (Jan 24 – Feb 4, 2018). Feature-lenght fiction The Flower Shop will be internationally premiered in the competition Bright Future and the new film by Jan Švankmajer Insect will be screened in the world premiere within the section Signature.

The Flower Shop (d. Ruben Desiere) tells a story about three men digging a tunnel in the back room of a Flower Shop in order to rob the bank. Unfortunately, they have to face the unexpected circumstances so we are witnessing the tragicomic discussion filled with disillusion, self-pity and opportunism. The usual concept of a heist genre is enriched with deeper psychology of a character and creative visualization.

Belgian director Ruben Desiere isn´t a newcomer to IFF Rotterdam. He introduced his mid-lenght documentary Kosmos here in 2004.

Whereas The Flower Shop competes in the young talents section, Insect by Jan Švankmajer is listed in more renowned autheur-esque segment of the festival. By combining feature with animation Švankmajer creates remarkable satire on theatre, film, dreams and everything that makes humans human – and insects, insects. We are watching the group of amateur actors rehearsing The Insect Play by the Čapek brothers on a raised platform in the empty bar as they are slowly growing into the characters which - implying in the context of a surrealistic nature of Švankmajer´s work - leads to frightening transformations.

Rotterdam IFF 2018 will also held a Big Talk with Jan Švankmajer on Sunday, January 28th at 12PM where all filmgoers will have a great opportunity to learn more about his work.

Programme of Slovak films:

Kvetinárstvo / The Flower Shop (La Fleurière), d. Ruben Desiere, SK-BE, 2017
26. 1. - 11.45 - Cinerama 3 – international premiere
26. 1. - 18.00 - Pathé 6
27. 1. - 17.15 - LantarenVenstern 5
30. 1. - 10.30 - LantarenVenstern 5
03. 2. - 12.45 - Pathé 6

Hmyz / Insect, d. Jan Švankmajer, CZ-SK, 2017
26. 1. - 09.30 - Pathé 7
27. 1. - 19.00 - Cinerama 1
29. 1. - 13.30 - Pathé 1
30. 1. - 17.00 - Pathé 5


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