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The Border and Arsy Versy awarded in Jihlava

The new documentary film THE BORDER by Jaro Vojtek, presented in its world premiere in the festival section Between the Seas, was awarded as the Best East European Documentary Film of 2009.

Special mention of the Silver Eye Jury 2009 in the category Short Documentary was awarded to the Slovak documentary ARSY-VERSY by Miro Remo.

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THE BORDER, dir. Jaro Vojtek, SK 2009,
During the night of August 30, 1946, the village of Slemence on the eastern European border, was divided by the Red Army into two parts. One part, Veľké Slemence, remained in Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia); the other part was renamed Malé Slemence and became a part of Ukraine (in the former Soviet Union). The absurdly demarked border, similar to the famed Berlin Wall, divides estates, the cemetery, and closest families up to this day. This documentary pictures the bitter experience of people from Slemence, who dream of the opening of the most closely-watched border of the European Union.

documentary, SK 2009, 72 min.
story, director: Jaro Vojtek
script: Jaro Vojtek, Marek Leščák
DoP: Tomáš Stanek, Jaro Vojtek
editor: Maroš Šlapeta, Zuzana Cséplő
sound: Jaro Vojtek, Tobiáš Potočný
production: LEON Productions

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ARSY-VERSY, dir. Miro Remo, SK 2008
A story of a mother and her son Lubomír. ”Documentary about an amateur filmmaker who has been observing bats all his life.
“"Man, who lives upside down, does not have to be a fool,“ says his mother - my grandmother.”
Miro Remo (director)

documentary, 2008, 23 min.
story, script, dorector: Miro Remo
DoP: Jaro Vaľko
editor: Marek Kráľovský
sound: Lukáš Kasprzyk
cast: Jolana Remová, Ľubomír Remo, Ladislav Istvánik
production: Barbara Hessová, VŠMU Bratislava

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published: 02.11.2009
updated: 21.11.2009