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Slovak Film Commission

Adjustments to the Audiovisual Industry Support Programme of the Slovak Audiovisual Fund have led to the establishment of the Slovak Film Commission (SFC) as a new organisational unit of the Fund. With this, Slovakia has taken a further step to becoming a more attractive and accessible partner for foreign film productions or domestic investors. In addition, Slovakia’s film and TV cash rebate rised from 20% to 33% from 1 January 2020, under amendments to the country’s audiovisual law, by which Slovakia will enter the club of EU countries most attractive for shooting.

The SFC’s main tasks include:
– intensive promotion and marketing of Slovakia as a competitive film country with appropriate conditions for audiovisual production,
– presentation and mediation of creative business opportunities for Slovak audiovisual professionals with an emphasis on all stages of film production,
– presentation of related services and individual regions of Slovakia in order to increase the employment of professionals and the general populace in the audiovisual field,
– enhancing demand for film production services (technology rentals, production and post-production services, animation, catering, etc.).

The SFC’s primary focus is to attract the producers of feature, documentary and animated audiovisual works to Slovakia and its regions and to progressively streamline the benefits of audiovisual production in Slovak regions for both foreign and domestic producers and investors. The secondary objective is to support tourism in individual regions.

The SFC has created and regularly updates a public database on film infrastructure in the Slovak Republic; it has launched a website as well as printed materials with information on the Slovak audiovisual environment; it pro-actively searches for prospective clients interested in shooting films in Slovakia; it administers the provision of expert advice and maintains active cooperation with foreign film commissions and professional audiovisual organisations.
The SFC is a member of the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN) and Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

On 1 June 2018, Zuzana Bieliková was appointed manager of the SFC.

Connecting professionals and providing expert guidance, the Slovak Film Commission acts for anyone seeking to create audiovisual content in Slovakia, whether it be a feature, documentary, animation, TV series or a commercial.

The SFC can assist with:
– finding a production partner and putting you in touch with local, Slovak film professionals and service providers,
– obtaining important information about shooting possibilities in the Slovak Republic,
– consultation on the cash rebate system,
– seeking out locations and negotiating film permits,
– handling formalities,
– organising leisure activities for film crews.

updated: 26.03.2020