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ScripTeast: Samko Tále’s Cemetery Book

Samko Tále’s Cemetery Book
Script: Tereza Oľhová, Michal Kollár
Director:   Michal Kollár
Production:   SOKOL KOLLAR (SK)

A bitter comedy about a village idiot and eternal Young Pioneer who is suddenly faced with the consequences of what he had done to keep his Young Pioneer’s pledge.

A decade after the end of communism, former high-ranking communist official Dr Gunár suddenly dies, leaving all his possessions to the local freak Samko Tále.
Samko, who still considers himself a member of the defunct communist children’s organisation, the Young Pioneers, proudly accepts the inheritance from his best friend, seeing it as a token of gratitude for his great contribution to the communist party.
The news upsets some of the locals and Samko learns that he was the only person who liked Gunár in this small Slovak town on Slovakia's border with Hungary. Samko nevertheless ardently defends Gunár, sharing his memories and anecdotes from the town’s recent history, which involve some of its inhabitants.
However, when Gunár’s daughter returns to her home town after many years in exile, old skeletons start coming out the cupboard.
A police investigation shows that behind the humorous and bizarre stories Samko tells there lurk profound human tragedies, and that Samko was directly involved in them. He had acted out of a desire to keep the Young Pioneer’s pledge he had once made to Dr Gunár.

Contact: SOKOL KOLLAR, +421 948 629 990,,

Founder of the Slovak production house SOKOL KOLLAR and co-founder of the Czech Fog’n’Desire Films, Michal started off by producing Zuzana Liová’s The House (orig. Dom, SK, CZ), winner of Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award and premiered in Berlinale’s Forum in 2012. Currently, he is in post-production of The Red Captain (orig. Červený kapitán, SK, CZ, PL) which he directs and which is also ScripTeast-developed.


Tereza graduated from the Film and Television Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2010 − 2011, she attended Hogeschool Sint-Lukas Brussel. As a writer she has participated in a number of Slovak and Czech television and film projects including: feature Pomocníci (d. Saša Gojdičová), short animated film Fifi Fatale (d. Mária Oľhová) and several TV series.

2014-15: Martin Repka, Agda Bavi Pain (The Tattoist)
2012-13: Katarína Uhrová (Retro Paradise)
2011-12: Michal Kollár, Anna Fifiková (Red Captain - currently in post-production)
2010-11: Laura Siváková, Biba Bohinská (The Town of Otol)
2009-10: Zuzana Belková (Polystyrene)
2006-07: Zuzana Liová (The House – winner of the Krzysztof Kiesłowski Award, premiered at Berlinale 2011, Forum)

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