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International Film Festival Berlin


FREM in Forum

After world premiere at Ji.hlava IDFF, Viera Čákanyová's feature debut FREM (2019) will be also presented to Berlinale's audience.

CZ, SK / 2020 / 73 min. / hybrid
Director  & Scripwriter:
Viera Čákanyová
DoP:     Viera Čákanyová, Tomáš Klein
Ivan Ostrochovský (SK)

Hypermarket Film (CZ), Punkchart films (SK), Czech Television (CZ)


The film is a reaction to the current wave of post-humanist thinking caused by the development of technology and artificial intelligence as well as the climate crisis. The human species is coming to recognize its insignificance and transience, and human identity has found itself in a crisis. FREM attempts to reflect this feeling and creates a dehumanized and alienated view of landscape and nature beyond the human perception of reality. Incomplete thoughts and fragments of dialogue, diverse music interrupted by rushes and glitches, and the seemingly confused, unanchored camera, create a disturbing, philosophical reflection on the limits of anthropocentric thinking.



Slovak Co-producer:

Punkchart films, Ivan Ostrochovský,,




Wanda Kaprálová,



Nina Numankadić,,




FEB 21 19:30 Arsenal Cinema 1 *International Premiere
FEB 21 22:00 CinemaxX 6 *Press
FEB 22 11:30 Delphi Filmpalast
FEB 25 22:00 Zoo Palast 2
FEB 29 11:00 Zoo Palast 2


About director:


Viera Čákanyová (1980) is a documentary film director and scriptwriter. Her shortand medium-length films won numerous international awards including ones at Visions du réel 2010 and Kasseler 2010 (both for film Alda, 2009). FREM is her first feature film.



  2020: FREM


  Slovak Audiovisual FundCzech Film Fund, Eurimages, Creative Europe MEDIA

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published: 11.02.2020
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