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International Film Festival Berlin


European Shooting Stars Jury

Katarína Krnáčová is EAVE graduate and Producers on the Move participant, Vice-President of the Slovak Film and Television Academy and a voting member of European Film Academy. Krnáčová is the delegate producer of the family drama Little Harbour, a Slovak-Czech co-production awarded with Crystal Bear at the Berlinale 2017 for the Best Film in Generation Kplus. She previously worked on the short film Thanks, Fine by Mátyás Prikler that premiered in Cinéfondation in Cannes 2010, followed by Prikler’s feature Fine, Thanks that premiered at IFF Rotterdam 2013 and anthology Slovakia 2.0. Krnáčová also worked on Mira Fornay’s My Dog Killer, which won the Tiger Award at IFF Rotterdam 2013 and was the Slovak Oscar entry.




Summer Rebels    
fiction - completed    

Summer is finally here! Jonas is excited to be spending the holidays with his grandpa Bernard. But with no wife and no job, grandpa is not in the best of moods. Jonas knows something needs to be done. This is the beginning of a turbulent summer story which ends in an extraordinary friendship.

Stand Up
fiction - in postproduction
Michael, a stand-up comedian, dreams big. Flying high, he quits his day job and hassles a new TV show to become a famous name in Slovakia. However unprepared for what is coming, his American niece and fresh college dropout Julia seeking a new start in Europe clips his wings and puts him back into orbit.      



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