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International Film Festival Berlin


Berlinale Talents

Martin Smatana (1991) finished his master‘s degree in Animation at FAMU, Prague in 2018. During his bachelor studies he completed an intership at Nukufilm Studios in Tallinn. For 5 years he has been leading animation workshops for youth. His debut Rosso Papavero premiered in the Berlinale 2015 Generation Kplus, screened at more than 200 festivals and won 15 international awards. After four years, the same Berlinale’s section world premiered his graduation film The Kite which also won the Children Audience Award at Annecy IAFF. He is currently developing the next film Hello Summer at the Animation Sans Frontières.






Hello Summer    
animation - in development    

Short animated movie depicts funny situations which happen to a family during their summer holiday, using the objects of everyday life which they packed to their luggage, combined with hand drawn animation which changes those objects into the other forms.


Martin Smatana


published: 11.02.2020
updated: 11.02.2020