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International Film Festival Berlin



Share Your Slate! 2019

Share Your Slate! is a 3-day event, organized by the MEDIA Desk Germany at the EFM, designed as a co-production service for MEDIA Slate beneficiaries with an open slate to share their projects and meet with other beneficiaries. 30-minute meetings are set up and scheduled by the organizer. This year, Share Your Slate! will run February 10 – 12, 2019 at the Gropius Bau MEDIA Stand.


Founded in 2010 in Slovakia and in 2017 in Czech Republic as a film production company working with art-house fiction, animations and TV series. BFILM focuses on remarkable artistic quality and innovative approaches, working with carefully selected directorial talent. Our vision can be summed up as sharing original and new ways of telling local stories to the international audience while helping emerging talents to be discovered and grow. We believe that great work can bridge both media boundaries (a transfer from TV to cinema or from the internet to TV) as well as the national ones. BFILM is one of the leading companies on the Slovak market with 3 award winning feature films and 8 short films already produced. Our films has received several awards and nominations, have been in competition in Cannes, Annecy, Berlinale or Locarno, screened in Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Warsaw, Cairo and many other festivals.


  Joanna Kożuch, Katarína Moláková
animated documentary

The stylised animated documentary Once There Was a Sea… is director’s personal contribution to debates not only about the Aral Sea but about the risks of gratuitous human interference in the environment in general. It is a mosaic of testimonies by several real-life protagonists from Muynak, conceived as a kind of travel documentary with an almost surreal aesthetic, thanks to advanced animation techniques. Visually, the film presents something of a collage: real-life, photo-documented and filmed scenes are combined with animated characters and a painted sea.

In other episodes of our cycle we want to cover enviromental catastrophy of city Pripjat close to the atomic power plant Chernobyl or problem of disappearing islands in Pacific Ocean flooded by water.

Given that the festival audience is rather limited, we have begun to think about how to communicate the environmental theme to broader target groups, and we have decided to create a comic and an interactive education project,. These engaging platforms will resonate with younger audiences and provide them with essential facts about the films as well as the background stories of the places in the historical and geographical contexts.

  Barbora Námerová

The Nightsiren is a drama set in the wild Slovak mountains. Charlotte is coming back to an abandoned cabin from which she ran away as a child. The local villagers believe that her return has awakened a malicious old witch. Only the town weirdo Mira is not afraid to help Charlotte unravel her past and confront her own demons.

  Viliam Klimáček
comedy with film noir elements

Weirdo in the Underground is a black comedy about a young man with an extraordinary inner world which is something between reality and magic. One of the biggest issues of the Weirdo is that he is not accepted by majority of our society, because it denies people that are different then majority.



  BFILM / Peter Badač
+421 908 882 273



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