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International Film Festival Berlin


EFM Screenings 2019


By a Sharp Knife
Director: Teodor Kuhn
SK, CZ | 2019 | 89 min. | fiction

A story of a father whose son has been murdered. Four perpetrators are charged with the crime, but thanks to an erroneous court ruling, they soon get to walk free. Determined to uncover the truth, the father enters into an uneven struggle with a passive police force, a corrupt judiciary and a dominant mob. Can he prevail in such a crooked system.

FEB 8 | 15:40 | CinemaxX 1 *EFM      


Producer: nutprodukcia, Jakub Viktorín, +421 948 050 189,,

Festivals: WIDE, Matthias Angoulvant, +33 7 70 07 64 04,,

Sale: WIDE, Danya Hannah, +33 7 61 57 96 86,,


Director: Adam Sedlák
CZ, SK | 2018 | 116 min. | fiction

Roman is a top-level cyclist recovering from an injury through hard work and a strict regimen. To improve his performance, he even sleeps in an oxygen tent installed in his bedroom. That is a bitter pill for his wife, Šarlota, whose long-time wish is to conceive a child. And so, both of them exude determination, lose themselves in their obsessions, and improve their bodies to the point where they might even alarm themselves. With each night they spend in the oxygen tent, their relationship changes. Will they be able to catch their breath again in this claustrophobic environment?

FEB 12 > 15:50 > CinemaxX 11 *EFM



Producer: Shore Points, Jakub Jíra, +420 602 846 925,,

Slovak co-producer: sentimentalfilm, Ivan Ostrochovský,,

Festivals & Sales: Stray Dogs, Lison Hervé, +33 7 71 88 39 64,,

My Grandpa Is an Alien
Directors: Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop
HR, LU, NO, CZ, SK, SI, BA | 2019 | 79 min. | fiction

Una (9) and an alien robot have 24 hours to find her grandpa who was kidnapped by aliens. This extraordinary adventure will lead to a new friendship, the rational robotic logic will be replaced by emotions, and Una’s selfless love will save her half-alien family.

FEB 10 > 15:10 > Parliament Studio *EFM
FEB 12 > 10:35 > Cinemaxx 15 *EFM


Producer: Studio dim, +385 1 3906277,,

Slovak co-producer: ARTILERIA, Marko Škop, +421 903 789 198,,


The Glass Room
Director: Julius Ševčík
CZ, SK | 2019 | 115 min. | fiction

The Glass Room is an adaptation of Simon Mawer’s novel which traces the history of Czechoslovakia in the 20th century and, at the same time, features three love stories of characters that lived in the Villa Tugendhat over several decades. Liesel Landauer and her friend Hana, protagonists of the film, tell the story of love, friendship and fundamental life decisions. Two women joined by a life-long relationship and an exceptional house built for Liesel and her husband Viktor by architect Rainer Von Abt.

FEB 7 > 13:20 > Cinestar 7 *by invitation only, contact:



    Producer: IN Film Praha, Rudolf Biermann, +420 222 515 375,,

Slovak co-producer: Slovenská produkčná, +421 900 112 612,,,






published: 24.01.2019
updated: 30.01.2019