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International Film Festival Berlin



Share Your Slate is a 3-day event, organized by Creative Europe Desk Hamburg at the EFM, designed as a co-production service for Creative Europe MEDIA Slate beneficiaries with an open slate to share their projects. One-to-one meetings are set up and scheduled by the organizer. This year, the event will run Feb. 15 – 17, 2016 at the MGB Creative Europe MEDIA Stand.

Photographer of the Beatles | Fotograf Beatles
Peter Hledík

>Feature documentary in development
>Planned release: December 2017

Dežo Hoffmann got his first break as a war cameraman in Spain. Here he became friends with Ernest Hemingway and Robert Capa. He met a beautiful Spanish woman, who is supposed to have died in mysterious circumstances shortly after their wedding. Is it true that she was shot in a truck when crossing the front? Dežo threw himself into the whirlpool of events in Second World War and when it finished he settled in London where he began to work as photographer.

In 1962 he became the court photographer to the Beatles. He lay down on the grass in a park in Liverpool and let the lads run and jump about. His action shots caused a revolution in the world of show business. Overnight, formal studio photography was out and energy and spontaneity were in. Dežo photographed all the stars of the era – the Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and many others.

Then he vanished from the scene. What happened? Why did a man who had the world at his feet suddenly drop out of the limelight? Which of his dramas – in war, private life or work – caused this sudden change in his career?

TRIGON PRODUCTION | +421 915 839 196 ||

Founded in 1996, Trigon Production primarily focuses on producing feature films, documentaries and TV programmes. The company was the first Central-European producer to win an Emmy Award for The Power of Good, feature documentary on rescue operations carried out by Sir Nicolas Winton. It was followed by a sequel on the lives of the survivers – Nicky's Family. The film was shown in dozens of countries around the world and won more than 40 awards at festivals at home and abroad. In January 2016 it was also shown on the BBC. The feature-length film A step into the Dark (Krok do tmy) 2014, directed by M. Luther, is one of the latest productions of the Trigon Production company and was the Slovak nomination for the Oscar in Best Foreign Language Film category.Trigon Production also participated in the production of Through the Eyes of the Photographer (Ocami fotografky) a documentary about the life of well-known Slovak photographer Zuzana Minacova.
In 2016 Trigon production is preparing for the premiere of the feature-length film Agava and a series of 10 documentaries about the international music festival Bratislavska Lyra.

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