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Wild Roots | Külön falka

HU, SK > 98 min. > 2021 > fiction

Director >
Hajni Kis
Screenplay > Fanni Szántó, Hajni Kis
DoP > Ákos Nyoszoli
Cast > Gusztáv Dietz, Zorka Horváth, Éva Füsti Molnár, Viktor Kassai, Éva Bandor, Réka Derzsi, Péter Nádasdi

Production >
Proton Cinema (HU)
Co-production > MPhilms (SK)

Supported by > Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Hungarian National Film Fund, Minority Culture Fund, Hungarian Film Incentive

Ex-con Tibor works as a bouncer in a club. He’s in financial difficulties and in endless conflict with his surroundings. He and his feral daughter have not seen each other for seven years. The twelve-year-old girl lives with her grandparents, who are unable to control her. When Niki finds out that Tibor has been released from prison, she seeks him out, despite being forbidden to do so. The reunion prompts Tibor to face up to his past and the responsibilities of being a real father.



26.8. 16:00 Pupp Cinema
27.8. 12:00 Čas Cinema 
28.8. 10:30 Husovka Theatre
28.8. 16:00 Lázně III


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Proton Cinema
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