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Saving One Who Was Dead | Zpráva o záchraně mrtvého

CZ, SK > 90 min. > 2021 > fiction

Director >
Václav Kadrnka
Screenplay > Marek Šindelka, Václav Kadrnka, Jiří Soukup
DoP > Raphael O´Byrne
Cast > Zuzana Mauréry, Vojtěch Dyk, Petr Salavec

Production >
Sirius Films (CZ)
Co-production > Silverart (SK), Czech Television (CZ), Radio and Television Slovakia (SK), Bocalupo Films (FR), Synergia Film (CZ)

S podporou > Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Czech Film Fund, Czech Television, Eurimages, Zlín Region, Olomouc Region

The father falls into a coma and the family is left in a terminal life situation. The mother and son silently concentrate all their powers. They meekly accept the diagnosis but resist the verdict. Yet they reject an open conflict because the life thread is so taut that conflict could inadvertently break it.



26.8. 20:00 Grand Hall
27.8. 10:00 Pupp Cinema
28.8. 10:00 Lázně III
28.8. 15:00 Drahomíra Cinema



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Sirius Films
+420 603 167 350


+421 905 384 615




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published: 11.08.2021
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