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Circus Rwanda | Cirkus Rwanda

CZ, SK > 80 min. > 2018 > documentary

Director & Scriptwriter > Michal Varga
Production > Xova Film (CZ), Czech Television (CZ), nutprodukcia (SK), RTVS - Radio and Television Slovakia (SK) 

DoP > Jakub Jelen, Matěj Piňos
Cast > Rosťa Novák, Eliseé Nyiosenga

Supported by > Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Czech Film Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic


Rosťa Novák, the principal of Cirk La Putyka ensemble, artistic workaholic and perfectionist, agrees to make a joint project with a group of acrobats from Rwanda. First time in his life, Rosťa travels to Africa, to create a circus show about clash of different cultures. How will he cope with the hit of his expectations and Rwandese reality?

Screenings:   1.7.2018 21.00 - Čas Cinema *world premiere
3.7.2018 17.00 - Cinema A
5.7.2018 22.30 - Husovka Theatre

Xova Film / Marek Novák

Slovak producer:  

nutprodukcia / Jakub Viktorín


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