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Moments | Chvilky

CZ, SK > 95 min. > 2018 > fiction

Director & Scriptwriter > Beata Parkanová
Production > Heaven´s Gate (CZ), Fog ´n´ Desire Films (CZ), Czech Television (CZ), KFS production (SK)

DoP > Martin Douba
Cast > Jenovéfa Boková, Martin Finger, Lenka Vlasáková, Alena Mihulová, Marek Geišberg, Jaroslava Pokorná, Viktor Tauš

Supported by > Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Czech Film Fund, Creative Europe


Contemporary family drama Moments is structured around the character of young warm-hearted woman Anežka, who is always there for her family, tries to help everybody and keep her promises. But she learns in the course of the story that one's self-sacrifice has to be limited and that sometimes she also needs to fulfil her own dreams and longings. Moments is a film about everyday life, primary emotions, family relations and desire for harmony that we all struggle with. 

Screenings:   1.7.2018 15.30 - Cinema A*press & industry
2.7.2018 18.30 - Karlovy Vary Theatre *world premiere
3.7.2018 16.30 - Lázně III
5.7.2018 13.30 - Husovka Theatre
6.7.2018 17.30 - Cinema A *press & industry

Heaven´s Gate / Viktor Tauš

Slovak producer:  

KFS production / Michal Kollár


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