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(63. edition, 12. – 23. 5. 2010, France)


Short Film Corner 2010 and Slovak shorts

Two Slovak shorts to be screened within 7. Short Film Corner:

 Ďakujem, dobre (r. Mátyás Prikler)

Thanks, Fine | Ďakujem, dobre
d. Mátyás Prikler
SK 2009, 40 min.
See Cinéfondation for more information.



Mesiac (r. Ondrej Rudavský)

Moon | Mesiac
d. Ondrej Rudavský (animation)
SK 2010, 12 min., HD

This animated art movie is a visual poetry, animating and enlivening pictures of a transformation of the human race into the new era of its existence. It is a film about poetry remaining in the sub-consciousness of viewer who can elaborate it by means of his own fantasy and sensitivity. High aesthetics and style are making this movie rather a visual artwork, a living picture, than a classical recording of a film structure.

Contact: Andrej Zmeček
ACAPU, tel.: +421 915 982 803, e-mail:, Cannes: c/o Pavilion 103,

published: May 10, 2010


published: 07.05.2010
updated: 13.05.2010