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Industry workshop

Marché du Film Industry Workshop (May 15 – 17) offers a series of conferences which aim to expand knowledge and expertise in the international film market, presenting topicssuch as co-production in Europe, international financing, multiple distribution platforms, etc. led by industry experts.

Following successful presentation of the upcoming documentary by Lucia Kašová The Sailor at the 24th Meeting Point – Vilnius, Slovak film producer Nazarij Kľujev will take part in this year’s edition; The Sailor won the Post Production Award.

>>Nazarij Kľujev<<

Nazarij Kľujev (*1990 ) graduated in Film and TV Production at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he is currently pursuing his PhD. As a director and producer he has experience in ads, music and film projects. He founded production company TOXPRO in 2015 which provide full service in all forms of audiovisual production.

The Sailor

d. Lucia Kašová, SK

Nazarij Kľujev / TOXPRO
+421 949 435 888,, 


published: 07.05.2019
updated: 09.05.2019