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Slovak project at the 7. Berlinale Co-Production Market

Co-production Market 2010 logoMira Fornay, the director of the successful film Foxes, screened at numerous film festivals worldwide (Venice IFF, Pusan IFF, Warsaw IFF, Stockholm IFF, Rotterdam IFF), was selected for the Berlinale Co-Production Market with her new project My Dog, Killer. Mira developed the project as a fellow in the Nipkow programme, presented it at Mannheim Meetings 2009 and won the Main Prize in the Fiction Feature Film category of the Slovak national Tibor Vichta Award Screenplay Contest 2009.

My Dog, Killer | Môj pes, Killer

Director: Mira Fornay
Story, Screenplay: Mira Fornay
Producer: Juraj Buzalka, Viktor Schwarcz
Production: MIRAFOX, Cineart TV Prague

Can we love something that our belief hates?
This is a story of 20-year-old Marek and his best and closest friend, a dog named Killer, which talks about belief in values and belief in blood ties. Why do we believe certain truths and how do we create these by our own beliefs? Why do we refuse to believe in different truths and what happens if our own faith turns against us and leads us to fatality and cruelty? It is a story about brotherhoods, family secrets, hatred, and forgiveness.
“The Master once heard the sound of bells moved by the wind. He asked his disciple: ‘Is it the bells ringing, or is the wind ringing?’ And his disciple replied: ‘Neither the bells, nor the wind. It is your mind that’s ringing.’“

Contact at Berlinale Co-Production Market:
Juraj Buzalka
+421 904 881 384
EFM - Central European Cinema, No. 140, Martin-Groupius-Bau

Mira Fornay
Mira Fornay (1977, Slovakia) studied fiction directing at the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague, where she graduated with her diploma film Small Untold Secrets . She also holds a diploma from the National Film and Television School in the UK, where she completed her studies with the film Alžbeta. Her first feature, Foxes premiered in the International Critics’ Week during the 2009 Venice Film Festival. Mira lives between Prague and Berlin.

MIRAFOX , founded in 2007, is dedicated to the development and production of arthouse cinema, in particular artistic work that enables social critique and an anthropological approach. The company works on documentaries and develops sitcoms and ethnographic films.

published: 09.02.2010
updated: 22.01.2014