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Visegrad Film Festival in Cork runs the second edition

The second edition of the Visegrad Film Festival will kick off in a few days (Sept 19 – 28,2016). The festival will present a wide range of quality films from the region of the V4 countries. After last year´s premiere edition focusing on Slovak films, this year´s programme will put a spotlight on Polish cinematography. But still Slovak films cannot absent!

The core of the Slovak films' pick consists of outstanding archive films released on Blu-Rays in honour of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Paper Heads (d. Dušan Hanák), I Love, You Love (d. Dušan Hanák) and The Boxer and Death(d. Peter Solan). These three are accompanied by a dazzling title Blind Loves (d. Juraj Lehotský) and a documentary 5 October (d. Martin Kollar).

As prefilms to these features a contemporary short films will be screened: Homo Crisis (d. Jana Mináriková), Mila Fog (d. Marta Prokopová), Remembering ’90 (d. Barbora Berezňáková), Chronos (d. Martin Kazimír) and Pictures 2 (d. Andrej Danóczi).

Part of the festival will be also a special installation Remembering ’90 by Barbora Berezňáková taking place at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery. The installation consists of Slovak amateur video archives from the 90ties, collected systematically by the author since 2012. This authentic material offers a view into the personal situation of post-revolutionary times in former Czechoslovakia. Taken out of the original context, the "film stripes" acquire a new perspective enabling a reflection on the amateur way of storytelling but also the content of the depicted reality.
Additionally, Eva Pa will lead an experimental film workshop Cut your own! using 16 mm film material from the University College of Cork and St. John's Central College.

Irish audience will also have a chance to watch Slovak films 5 October, Homo Ciris and Remembering '90 on VOD platform till Oct 9.

The director Barbora Berezňáková, producer Eva Pa and Slovak Film Institute representative Imelda Selková will attend the festival and introduce contemporary Slovak cinematogrpahy to the Irish audience.

The aim of the Visegrad Film Festival in Cork, is to launch an intercultural dialogue between Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ireland. This interesting and unconventional project opens new possibilities of learning about the culture of the Visegrad region.
Partners and co-organizers of the Slovak participation at the festival are Slovak Film Institute, VŠMU and Kinečko magazine. The event was financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund and the Poland Embassy in Dublin.

Programme of Slovak films:
Sept 20 20:00 Homo Crisis, d. Jana Mináriková + 5 October, d. Martin Kollar
Sept 21 20:30 Mila Fog, d. Marta Prokopová + Blind Loves, d. Juraj Lehotský
Sept 22 20:40 Remembering ’90, d. Barbora Berezňáková + Paper Heads, d. Dušan Hanák
Sept 23 18:00 Chronos, d. Martin Kazimír + I Love, You Love, d. Dušan Hanák
Sept 24 18:30 Pictures 2 , d. Andrej Danóczi + TheBoxer and Death, d. Peter Solan

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published: 16.09.2016
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