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The Golden Era of Slovak Cinematography heading to Berlin

A representative showcase will offer the best of Slovak films from Czechoslovak New Wave. A collection of films curated by Jörg Fries and Olaf Möller will be screened in Zeughauskino – Deutsches historisches Museum in Berlin on Sept 20-30, 2016.

The showcase will feature eight masterpieces: The Boxer and Death and Before Tonight Is Over by the great observer of human soul Peter Solan, a visual gem The Organ by Štefan Uher, a ballad of love, revenge and desire Dragon´s Return by Edurad Grečner, an impressive documentary Pictures of the Old World by Dušan Hanák, two eccentric pieces Birdies, Orphans and Fools by Juraj Jakubisko and Wild Lilies by Elo Havetta, and the selection cannot be complete without the breakthrough film Sun in a Net by Štefan Uher - a film considered to be the first film of the Czechoslovak New Wave.  

The showcase is organized by Slovak Film Institute, Slovak Institute in Berlin and Zeughauskino – Deutsches historisches Museum.

Sept 20    20.00    The Boxer and Death, d. Peter Solan / introduced by Martin Kaňuch (SFU)
Sept 21    20.00    Sun in a Net, d. Štefan Uher
Sept 22    20.00    Dragon´s Return, d. Eduard Grečner
Sept 23    19.00    Birdies, Orphans and Fools, d. Juraj Jakubisko
Sept 23    21.00    The Organ, d. Štefan Uher
Sept 24    19.00    Dragon´s Return, d. Eduard Grečner
Sept 24    21.00    Birdies, Orphans and Fools, d. Juraj Jakubisko
Sept 25    18.30    Pictures of the Old World / introduced by Dušan Hanák, Kristína Aschenbrennerová (SFU)
Sept 25    20.00    Sun in a Net, d. Štefan Uher
Sept 27    20.00    The Organ, d. Štefan Uher
Sept 28    20.00    Wild Lilies, d. Elo Havetta
Sept 29    20.00    Before Tonight Is Over, d. Peter Solan
Sept 30    21.00    Wild Lilies, d. Elo Havetta

published: 12.09.2016
updated: 20.12.2016