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Slovak films from August 1968 will be presented to Lithuanian audiences

A showcase focused on Slovak cinema from the 50`s to 80`s will be presented in Vilnius, Lithuania, starting August 23, 2013.

All screenings celebrate 50th anniversary of the Slovak Film Institute and will be held in Skalvija Cinema, as a part of the Artscape project, founded and organized by Kino Pavasaris, the main organizer of the Vilnius International Film Festival. In addition to the four feature films (Luck Will Come on Sunday, Before Tonight Is Over, Pink Dreams, Night Riders), the Lithuanian audience will also be able to watch several documentaries shot during August 1968 and shortly after (The Time We Live, Black Days, The Wake).

"With regard to date of the evant, which is two days after entering the infamous Warsaw Pact Intervation August 21, 1968, on our territory, we have aslo prepared the evening gained to August 1968. In terms of history Lithuanians can identify themselves with this topic and find it interesting and important," says Alexandra Strelková, director of the National Cinematographic Centre (NCC) of Slovak Film Institute (SFU).

    LUCK WILL COME ON SUNDAY (Šťastie príde v nedeľu)
SK - 87 min. - 1958 - feature
director: Ján Lacko


BEFORE TONIGHT IS OVER (Kým sa skončí táto noc)
SK - 91 min. - 1965 - feature
director: Peter Solan

    PINK DREAMS (Ružové sny)
SK - 80 min. - 1976 - feature
director: Dušan Hanák

    NIGHT RIDERS (Noční jazdci)
SK - 92 min. - 1981 - feature
director: Martin Hollý


    THE TIME WE LIVE (Čas, ktorý žijeme)
SK - 60 min. - 1968 - documentary
director: Vlado Kubenko, Ladislav Kudelka, Ivan Húšťava, Otakar Krivánek, Jaroslav Pogran

    BLACK DAYS (Čierne dni)
SK - 31 min. - 1968 - documentary
director: Ladislav Kudelka, Milan Černák, Štefan Kamenický, Ctibor Kováč

     THE WAKE (Tryzna)
SK -  23min. - 1969 - documentary
director: Vlado Kubenko, Peter Mihálik, Dušan Trančík


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published: 22.08.2013
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