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Slovak Film Days in Serbia

Seven Slovak films are heading to Belgrade and Vojvodina´s villages with the majority of Slovak inhabitants. The representative showcase Slovak Film Days will run from Sept 27 to Oct 1, 2016.

The opening ceremonial in Belgrade features successful documentary Cooking History (2009, d. Peter Kerekes) about army cooks, or about how the daily needs of thousands of armed stomachs influenced the victories and defeats of leading statesmen.
Also the archive films from the Blu-Ray collection released on the occasion of Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union will be screened: The Boxer and Death (Peter Solan), The Sun in a Net (1962, d. Štefan Uher), Birds, Orphans and Fools (1969, d. Juraj Jakubisko), I Love, You Love (1980, d. Dušan Hanák) and A Path Across the Danube (1989, d. Miloslav Luther).
A closing film of the showcase is a comedy WilsonCity (2015, Tomáš Mašín).

The showcase Slovak Film Days in Serbia is organized by The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Belgrade in co-operation with Slovak Film Institute. The event is held as a part of the project SK PRES - Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

published: 14.09.2016
updated: 16.09.2016